Unlink: And This Is Why …

In case you ever wonder why we eternally loathe PFT’s Mike Florio, here’s a perfect example of his endless Jets hating screed. (Link withheld)

The Jets should draft linebacker Manti Te’o, if for no reason other than gratitude.

Te’o’s travails have made us all forget, for a while, the dysfunction enveloping the New York Jets.  But we’ll be reminded of it soon, when the Jets hire a General Manager.


Whatever the Jets do, the move will be criticized and the G.M. will be scrutinized and another bad season could get everyone fired in 2014.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Wait, no antediluvian Seinfeld reference!?  I thought that was a requirement for all PFT posts!!

Trenchant analysis as always, Mike.  Where else would we go to conflate two completely unrelated items for the sake of some classic Jets hating?