Vick outing against Eagles short but sweet

Jets backup quarterback Michael Vick started Thursday’s preseason finale against the Eagles, but was pulled after just one play (ESPN, August 29).

Vick served as the Jets sole captain in their final preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the QB’s former team, but was replaced in the game by third-stringer Matt Simms.

“It was great,” Vick said after fans gave him a sincere cheer as he exited the game. “It was very warm. It was what I expected and I’m glad it turned out that way. It goes to show that the things that you did do were greatly appreciated.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan said it was his decision to put the 34-year-old in the game to start as he spent five seasons with the Eagles before signing with the Jets as a free agent in the offseason.

“It was something that, obviously I know what Mike thinks about his time in Philadelphia, the people in Philadelphia and obviously I know how Philadelphia thought of Mike — the city of Philly and the Eagle fans,” Ryan said. “So I just thought it was an appropriate thing to do, kind of send him off that way.”

Though Vick was excited to have the chance to start, he was surprised by his quick release – Ryan called a timeout after a first-down handoff to Daryl Richardson – said he was prepared to play at least a quarter.

“As a competitor, you always want to play,” Vick said. “My mindset was to go in to play, but it was abruptly brought to an end. It was [Ryan’s] decision. I wasn’t going to argue that.”

On GEICO SportsNite, Jets quarterback Michael Vick talks about his ovation from the fans in his return to Philadelphia.

Bent moderator

0-1 as a starter in preseason.  SMH.


I thought it was pretty cool that Ryan did what he did; it's probably happened with other players, but I can't recall seeing a playing pulled after 1 play so he could get the cheers that he deserved. (on the road)

And don't forget, Vick could have been upset (assuming he really believed  he was going to play a full quarter at least ) that with his resume, he was going to play with 2's and 3's & 4's in the final pre-season game.

Also thought Simms handing him his visor as he trotted off was classy.

Maybe it's because I'm a Yankee fan, but when a team does things the right way...they should be applauded.

These are the kind of things that organizations do when they are run the "right" way.


"I wanted to play.  Unless it's a real game.  Then I just want to be the backup."



How could Vick be the relied upon to be a starter when he couldn't even finish a quarter.