In Which I Defend the Jets Front Office


I’m on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, with limited access to the Internet, so I’ll try and expound on this more upon my return next week.  In the meantime, please let this logically shoddy post pass for a quick defense of the New York Jets.  While we posted one on Darrelle the other day, Bent and I had talked about doing something to be fair to both sides.

I get that the contract mess on #24 is frustrating fans, but you have to imagine that it’s pretty frustrating for the team too.  Ryan loves Revis, he’s a workout warrior and embodies what the Jets are all about.  Tough, athletically gifted players with a swagger, quiet or otherwise.  For all the reasons to get on Darrelle’s side, there’s reasons to see things from Florham Park’s perspective.

They HAD TO Address This Issue – With the type of season that Revis just had, the Jets knew that they were going to have to make some sort of deal.  There’s no way that the Jets were going to skate on paying Revis one million dollars for the 2010 season, people would have been killing the Jets for not respecting the guy who might be their best player.  The team wanted to get something done quietly, and it’s turned into anything but.

Crazy Loot for a CB – Although Revis called reports that he was seeking $20 million per year “insane”, he is rumored to be seeking a long term deal which averages $16.2m over six years. Considering the Jets effectively have Revis under contract for $21 million for the next three years, the cost of extending his deal by 3 years would therefore be over $75 million – $25 million a year! Although Asomugha signed a 3 year, $45.3m deal, the last year of that deal ($17 million) is not guaranteed and could fall during a lockout. No CB in NFL history has ever earned anything close to what Revis is reportedly seeking over a six year period, as Asomugha played out his rookie deal and was franchised for a year before his big money extension, so even if he earns the $17 million in 2011, his earnings will only amount to approximately $60 million over six years. No other CB in the league earns $10 million a year and once Asomugha’s deal ends, he is unlikely to get that kind of money either.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, $20 million is currently Brady Money.  To give that amount of money to a corner is unheard of, and Revis shouldn’t treat it as a slight, by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s Still No Guarantee of Football in 2011 – Unless there’s some major ground made, we’re heading for a lockout in 2011.  Going back to Jason Cole’s article that Peyton Manning deal, it stands to reason even HE won’t get a deal done with his team because of the CBA, then don’t think that Revis is a special snowflake.

Unfortunately, the Jets cannot guarantee anything beyond the first three years of the contract under the current rules and guaranteeing money upfront will make it more problematic to sign everybody else that needs a new deal by 2011. Pressuring the team to give Revis gobs of guaranteed money up front with no guarantee that the league will even be playing football in 2011 would be financially irresponsible, and one that even the Colts aren’t willing to do with the looming problems with Peyton Manning.

He’s Not Replaceable, But They’re Not Exactly Hurting for Talent – No one is going to even use the word ‘replace’ here, but with Cro, Wilson and Lowery, the team is still better off from #2, #3, #4 than most teams are #1, #2, #3 … that has to count for something in terms of perspective.

Revis’ Team Knows How This Works and Are Playing Both Sides – Revis’ agents have done enough negotiating with the team, that they know Tannenbaum’s M.O. and they are using it against him, effectively playing both sides in the press.  The agents have for a long time had an adverse relationship in dealing with the team, so they’ll know what buttons to push and you can’t just blame the Jets for the ugliness, as these sort of tactics only seem to bubble up to the surface when Schwartz and Feinsod are working to settle someone’s contract with the Jets … coincidence?  Maybe not.