Lawrence Taylor Talks About Gholston

Robert writes us and notes that Giant great Lawrence Taylor was on WFAN today with Mike Francessa. Here’s Robert’s assessment of what LT had to say about Gholston, and comparing him to one of the league’s best pass rushers … DeMarcus Ware. Although there’s not a link up on the WFAN for the interview, we’ll keep an eye on it and link here if we it appears.

Not sure you caught LT’s guest spot with Francesa on the Fan today, but Mike asked him about working with Gholston. LT was positive. He explained how hard it is to learn that defense and said Gholston has the tools to be good.

He also said Gholston is ahead of where DeMarcus Ware was as a rookie. He flat out said on the air that, as a rookie, Ware “sucked.” He said that when Ware was a rookie Parcells had him watch Ware. After LT watched him, Parcells asked, “can you work with him?” And, LT replied, “work with what?” He said he doesn’t feel that way about Gholston.

It’s great to hear LT thinks highly of Gholston, and please note that I don’t know the context of the quotes, but maybe LT’s talent evaluation skills might be lacking if he thinks Ware didn’t have skills to begin with … maybe he was just making the point that there’s more to work with when it comes to Gholston … I don’t know.

At the heart of the issue, if LT is willing to stand up and say that he likes what he sees in Gholston, I’ll take that as a good thing. Ware was one of the top physical talents in the 2005 Draft and Gholston has some similarities.