Ryan & Tebow: The Exceptions to the Rule

Brian Bassett , TheJetsBlog.com

So the headlines are getting out of control. Papers are (rightly) questioning whether or not Tim Tebow should have been active for Thursday’s game because he had broken ribs.

The logic goes that if Tebow had broken ribs and was not going to play outside of an emergency situation, why even activate him in the first place? It seems to make no sense.  Wouldn’t Greg McElroy be a better option if Tebow is hurt?

Gary Myers leads the charge for common sense (I know) at the Daily News, and the logic is quite good, except that it has two fatal flaws to it …

  1. This is Tim Tebow we’re talking about
  2. This is Rex Ryan we’re talking about

Can we call RibGate something else?  After that mention of it, I’m not going to call it that anymore … mostly because it’s stupid and completely uninspired name … also because it’s not even funny.  If this team can’t be good, at least they can have the decency to be funny — or the papers should make them so.

So how about a combination of the third stringer on the Jets and the injury to the Jets second stringer?


To the first point, we all know too well at this point all the attention that Tim Tebow carries with him and the Jets coaching staff and/or front office is too worried about what the public thinks about them to do something as rash as deactivating a player who can only play should the team’s starting quarterback be decapitated.

On second thought, a decapitation might make Mark Sanchez a better player … 

As an aside … I know know why the Scotty-Sanchez marriage worked better than the Sparano-Sanchez one does … both Schotty and Sanchez over-think everything.

To the second point, Rex Ryan is foolishly loyal to his little clique of starters.  No job seems to ever be open for competition.  It basically took Wayne Hunter benching himself to get the Jets to wake up.  We’ve seen it time and time again with Sanchez, Santonio and now even Tebow — even if he didn’t play last week.  It’s as if Rex Ryan is incapable of saying no.  The worst he ever did was bench Braylon Edwards for what — a quarter? — against the Dolphins after a DUI arrest.  Now granted they won the game and he was a big reason … but still … if he’s not going to bench a player for a full game for an arrest and public black eye for the organization, why would he ever dream of replacing Mark Sanchez for being a frittata?

Ryan didn’t tell Santonio no (Tone did it again) after he threw his teammates under the bus last year.  Ryan didn’t tell Mark Sanchez no to starting the second half of a blowout against the Patriots at least partly of Sanchez’s own making.  And Ryan can’t say no to Tim Tebow because Timmy begged him to “play” against the Patriots.  So then Tebow sat on the bench, ribs broken and offered the team nothing.

What good did any of it do?

There’s no indication that Ryan will ever make a replacement of Mark Sanchez.  Assuming Rex stays the head coach of this team for the next 50 years, Sanchez could still be starting well into his seventies because “it’s not just him.”  So instead of sending  a message to players to get their act together, to hold onto the ball better, to shed a freaking tackle … he’ll let his message be that since everyone sucks … no one is at risk of losing their job.

So to that point, even if Tim Tebow is injured, expect the Jets to continue to stupidly activate Tebow for “emergency” situations.  And to be clear, a quarterback forgetting the play and ramming his face into a lineman’s ass, fumbling the ball and then collapsing facedown in defeat on the turf does not constitute an emergency.

December is going to be AWESOME to be a Jets fan …


40 Run Plays, to

28 Pass Plays,

is the O-Line's Dream Game....

You can RUN the Ball with the Lead in the 2nd Half....

when Your Behind, you must PASS....