Texans at Jets: Five Bold Predictions

Brian Bassett , TheJetsBlog.com

Some games (like tonight’s) as a fan feels like heading right into the meat grinder.  Even so, here’s five bold predictions in the face of the Texan tsumani coming to MetLife Stadium tonight on Monday Night Football.

1. Shonn Greene Will Gain At Least 100 Yards Against the Texans

So far the Jets running game has looked listless on it’s best days so far this season.  But the temperature is turning and the offensive line is getting into better overall rhythm.  The Texans appear to have had a tough time defending the run right in the middle of their defense, which is good news for the Jets since Nick Mangold is one of the best run blocking centers in football.   With the lack of viable receivers and a lack of getting much else accomplished on offense, Rex Ryan will want to emphasize running the ball and this might be the night to do it.

2. Mo & Co Will Combine For 3 Sacks and 3 Tackles For Loss

The likelihood of the Jets getting trampled by this Texans offense is high, and for that very reason they don’t have a lot to lose.  And so while Rex might not be a big Shakespeare fan, he’s still going to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.  The Jets are going to have to show more four man defensive fronts, no matter how well Kenrick Ellis might play and this will let the Jets feature their two young linemen since Sione looks to be out against the Texans.  I’m looking to see Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples to both step up and have some successes against Houston in containing the run and the pass.

3. Mark Sanchez Will Throw for 250 Yards and Two Scores

Mark Sanchez has to know that tonight’s game is pivotal in his career.  Yes, he’s had success in earlier moments, but recent poor games have solidified concerns about his long term viability.  Is it unfair to claim that Sanchez has too little help?  With no running game not enough talent in the passing game, is it fair to put on Sanchez’s shoulders?  Elite quarterbacks can make the players around them better by their abilities, will Sanchez be able to do that?

Tonight might not answer the long-term problems around this team, but I do think that Mark Sanchez will find a way to have a good showing against a fearsome Texans secondary.

4. Antonio Cromartie Will Get A Pick

So far Matt Schaub has only thrown one interception all season, an impressive stat at four games into the season.  Still, the Jets cornerback is better than he often gets credit for … albeit he is a streaky player.  And I think that’s the crux of why he’ll get an interception.  Johnson is a much more physical player than Cromartie typically likes to play against and Schaub will feel more comfortable throwing to his top target because of the matchup.  Still, Cromartie is tall, rangy and strong himself, and I do think that he’ll catch Schaub and Johnson unawares on at least one play for a turnover during the course of the game.

5. Tebow Will Throw On A Punt Fake

The Texans special teams has not played well so far this season.  Mike Westhoff often talks about “stealing” a possession away from a better team, something we’ve seen him influence Jets coaches for almost a decade.  Tim Tebow has been playing the personal protector role all season long for a night such as tonight.  The Jets are going to desperately need to pull some rabbits out of the hat to stay in it against the Texans and so I could very well see Tebow throwing a pass on a fourth down in the second quarter on a would-be punt play from anywhere beyond the Jets 40 yard line.  Let’s just hope the pass doesn’t wobble too much and the receiver can actually catch the ball.