Jason Verrett visiting the Jets on Monday

Jason Verrett, a cornerback from Texas Christian University, is visiting the Jets on Monday, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

The 5’10″ and 189 lbs Verrett is expected to be drafted either in the last first or early second round.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Verrett is a bit on the smaller side, but his tenacity and talent in playing tight coverage is why he projects to either the late first or early second round.  Verrett could instantly step in to a team (like the Jets) as a nickel corner, but has enough potential to pair with another strong cover corner as a starter.  Still Verrett’s size will limit some of what he might be required to do in a defense like the Jets.

The Jets announced their intentions to draft a cornerback after allowing many talented players to pass them by on the free agent market.  With 12 draft picks and potential for an opening as high as the second starting corner spot, a physical player like Verrett might make for a nice second round acquisition.

Justin Gilbert to visit Jets

Justin Gilbert, a cornerback coming out of Oklahoma State, will visit the Jets this week, he tweeted on Monday.

He will also visit the Broncos, Lions and Falcons.

Gilbert is listed at six feet and 202 lbs. He is projected to go in the top 15 picks.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Gilbert and Darqueze Dennard are the two interchangeable names that keep coming up as the two cornerbacks most likely to be drafted before the 20th pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

Gilbert is said to have more upside due to his athleticism, size and speed.  But in terms of pure technique, Dennard seems to be the choice as evidenced by Mike Mayock ranking Gilbert as his third best corner on his board.

If there is a run on receivers before the Jets get to pick, they might be choosing Dennard or Gilbert (or both) among a group of players at other positions (tight end, offensive line, etc.).  If the choice is between Gilbert and Dennard?  It might come down to personal preference.  Dennard seems more ready to come in and play solid football from day one, while Gilbert has the athletic upside but might need patience to allow his technique to catch up.

Jets Nation: Sheldon Richardson – 4/20/14

SNY goes behind the scenes with Sheldon Richardson to check out his off season training sessions with Mo Wilkerson. Both players talk to Jeane Coakley about the vigorous workouts and their approach to the 2014 season.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Thinking about the kind of rookie season Sheldon Richardson had, it’s hard not to think about what another season with Muhammad Wilkerson and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy could do together.  While Richardson’s play from the outset of the season was strong, it will be enjoyable to watch him build on his success from last year.  Richardson was deadly against the run, but expect him to get much more involved as a pass rusher in his second season.

While Richardson had a lot of success as a rookie, it’s good to see him taking lessons from veteran Mo Wilkerson.

Pete Jenkins (the coach featured in the video) is one of the all time great line coaches, mostly at the college level, but also for a period of time in the late 2000s with the Eagles.  Jenkins has coached at LSU and USC, among many other programs.  You can watch a cut up of some of the technique of his players on the practice field and then in game here.

Draft Profile: TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Fox Sports profiles Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  ASJ is considered a first/second round draft pick in next month’s draft.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

ASJ might not be as polished as some of other potential first round talents, but he is large, a capable route runner with good hands and is getting better as a blocker.  Seferian-Jenkins would pair well with Jets projected starter Jeff Cumberland and might not take too long to come up to speed, and even surpass, the talent the team already has in place.

Buzz: Jets open to the idea of Vick winning starting job

Ashley Fox, who works for ESPN.com and was a former beat writer in Philadelphia, writes that the Jets organization is open to the idea of Michael Vick winning the starting job for Week One.

So while the best option long term for New York is to allow Smith to continue to develop by gaining experience on game days, there is an understanding inside the Jets practice facility, a source said, that Vick might very well win the job. He might be the guy come Week 1. With his skills and talent, Vick might make it all but impossible for the Jets to name anyone but him the starter.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

More than anything, this confirms what we already knew. Is it such a bad thing that the Jets might have a hard time determining who to play at the quarterback spot? It’s a sign that they are improving talent over Brady Quinn and David Garrard.

In a perfect world, Geno Smith comes into camp and demonstrates that he’s as good or better at running the Jets offense than the veteran who has worked for many seasons in this offense back in Philly.

In a less than perfect world, the Jets start whoever they feel least concerned about and have the second player ready to jump in should the situation become untenable. The Jets are going to want to give the starting job to Geno Smith, but are realistic enough to keep an open mind in not saying no to an accomplished veteran.

Draft Profile: Kelvin Benjamin

Fox Sports profiles the towering receiver and first or second round draft prospect Kelvin Benjamin.  Benjamin played on the national championship Florida State Seminoles.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Benjamin is something of an enigma right now.  An unknown Jets source said “you can’t coach 6’5″ but is size all the Jets need?  Could Montcrief be a first rounder?  No one can seem to say.  Last week Benjamin’s rep took a bit of a hit with a story leaked about his unwillingness to work out for an NFL coach?  Is it truth or fiction?

No one can seem to find out, but look for the massively built Benjamin to take a tumble into the second round on draft days.

Link: PFF grades the Jets’ 2009-2011 drafts

Over at PFF, they’ve been running their “Draft Grader” series, where they look back a few years to grade some recent drafts with the benefit of hindsight. In their analysis for the Jets, it’s a mixed bag, netting out at exactly neutral overall.

The highest scores are awarded to moves where there was a late round pick that became a solid contributor, while the highest negatives of course go to higher picks that did not contribute as hoped.

The Jets certainly fared better than they did in last year’s analysis, which looked at 2008 to 2010.

Bent, TheJetsBlog.com

As with every team, you’re going to have your ups and downs in the draft but, in recent years, the Jets haven’t done as badly as their reputation in some circles would suggest. With the terrible 2008 draft removed from the equation, obviously that improves the outlook significantly. It’s disappointing that some of the positive picks they were given credit for are no longer contributing for whatever reason, but you could optimistically look ahead two years and anticipate that when we get to review the 2011-2013 drafts, things are going to look even better.

Without wanting to nitpick the analysis too much, I can’t agree with their take that Wilkerson’s 2013 performance was not quite as good as 2012. He made just as many (if not more) impact plays and dramatically improved his production in the pass rush. While his run defense grades were down (but still very good), I saw that mainly as a function of the fact he had to take on more double teams with Sione Po’uha and Mike DeVito no longer on the team. Clearly this made a positive contribution to the unit as a whole because they were the top run defense in the league for most of the year.

You might also be surprised to note that they are so down on the Kyle Wilson pick, especially in light of the fact that their own data portrays him as one of the top slot corners in the league. However, this is based on the QB rating whenever he was targeted in the slot, so doesn’t take into account where he didn’t deserve any credit for an unsuccessful play, whereas their grades (according to which he is a slightly below average player) do. Therefore, it’s hard to argue with their take that he has made disappointing contributions for a first round pick, although it will be interesting to see how he performs in his contract year.

Buzz: Jets interested in Boston College RB Andre Williams?

The New York Jets, along with at least three other AFC teams have shown significant interest in Boston College running back Andre Williams, writes Aaron Wilson for National Football Post. (NFP, April 18)

Williams (5’11″ 230 lbs) won 2013′s Doak Walker Award by shattering the Boston College single-season rushing record with 2,177 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns last season.

Williams ran the 40-yard dash in 4.54 seconds at his Pro Day workout, slightly improving 4.56 showing at the Combine.

Four AFC teams have expressed interest in Andre Williams, according to Wilson.  Beyond the Jets, the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers are among the interested parties, per league sources.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Even though the Jets just added a running back this past week in the form of Chris Johnson, is the team still interested in adding another potential playmaker to the position through the draft?  The team might use one of their picks, but between Ivory and Johnson it seems like the team would have the workhorse role locked up … something that Williams could very well become in the NFL.  Wiliams has drawn second-round to third-round grades, so in the light of adding Chris Johnson he might now be a player in which the Jets forego further interest.

Should the Jets consider drafting a running back it might be more the pass-catching / big play speedster to sit in the third or fouth spot behind Ivory and Johnson.

Draft Profile: WR Donte Moncrief

Fox Sports profiles second day wide receiver prospect Donte Moncrief from Ole Miss.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

Terry Bradway attended Moncrief’s Pro Day and he seems to be a good NFL receiver in the making.  While he doesn’t have elite speed, Moncrief has deceptive speed, a thick frame and is known as a smooth route runner already.

One more thing?  Rex Ryan loves WRs who are willing to block and Montcrief has demonstrated an enthusiasm and knack for doing so.