Jets Extra Point: Twitter Q&A

The Jets Extra Point panel answers your Twitter questions after the team’s tough Week 2 loss against the Packers, 31-24.

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Decker up in the air for Monday

Eric Decker left Sunday’s game against the Packers with a hamstring injury. His status for Monday’s game is up in the air.

“We don’t know. We’ll see. Hopefully he’ll be ready to roll on Monday,” Rex Ryan said on Tuesday.

Decker grabbed at his hamstring and limped off the field in the third quarter.

He was seen being worked at on the sidelines with trainers, and later standing on the sidelines with his helmet off.

Decker had four receptions for 63 yards and touchdown on Sunday.

Play Ball: Dream Day with the Jets

As part of SNY Play Ball Week, and in partnership with the New York Jets and Tomorrows Children’s Fund, Michael Santos of Wood Ridge, NJ was granted his Dream Day which featured the opportunity to be on the field and in the locker room with the Jets during a game this season….

Play Ball is SNY’s year-round community outreach program that serves to give back to the tri-state area through unique and comprehensive support of local youth sports with grants, equipment donations, clinics, volunteer initiatives, dream day opportunities, and professional game experiences. Since 2011, SNY Play Ball has awarded over $100,000 in grants to youth sports programs in communities in the New York metropolitan area, including New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania (Pike County), and Long Island.

Griffin: I went to Green Bay and all I got was an amazing experience (and a Jets loss)

Corey Griffin,

The first thing you notice about Green Bay is the airport. It’s small, like one level and four-to-six gates small. The only way to get there is to connect through somewhere else. Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul. It feels like a place that never really caught up to the rest of us in the big cities.

The next thing you notice is the Packers. The green and yellow are everywhere, especially in that tiny, one-level, four-to-six-gate airport. The people love their Packers. It’s not them or they, it’s we and us. Everyone has a schedule hidden somewhere or has it memorized. Oh, and Lambeau. You notice Lambeau Field within five minutes of leaving the airport. It juts into the sky, made of steel and concrete and history. It doesn’t really stand out, but it’s impossible to pass and not stand in awe. It’s the kid standing in the corner at the party who everyone wants to talk to. It doesn’t have to show off to get attention. Lambeau Field doesn’t have to act cool. It just is.

USATSI_8087010_110579513_lowresAnd everyone is so nice. Nicer than nice. There needs to be a new word for it. “Packertude” sounds like an animated show on a local affiliate where Aaron Rodgers and B.J. Raji interact with puppets doing the discount double-check. The worst thing I heard all day Sunday was “Jets suck.” Seriously.

Let’s just say I’ll never use the phrase “womb of hatred” ever again, at least not for Green Bay.

All of this makes it so hard to hate them, to hate Green Bay, to hate their Packers. And damn if I didn’t want to Sunday night. If the Jets had blown a 21-3 lead to New England, Buffalo or Miami, or, *gasp*, the Giants, the anger would’ve woven into my being for at least the rest of the 2014 season. If the Jets had had an interception overturned because of a penalty or a touchdown canceled because of a dubious timeout call against someone other than the Packers, somewhere other than the football Shangri La that is Green Bay, I would’ve been convinced of a conspiracy.

They don’t want us to win, damnit. They screwed us!

But they make you feel like they would’ve been OK with that timeout not being called. There would’ve been freakouts, there would’ve been calls for change, but none of that our fault, none of that is the Jets’ fault. On the cab ride to my hotel, the driver told me that win or lose, the fans walking out would ask me how my trip was – and mean it. And they did. They laughed about the timeout, but not in a way that made you want to tell them to “eff off” in the most New York way possible. They just couldn’t believe it happened that way.

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