Daily News Live: Willie Colon

Willie Colon talks to the Daily News Live panel about the Jets’ win over the Titans and their upcoming matchup with the Patriots.

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Newly promoted safety Rontez Miles suffers season-ending injury

Only two days following his promotion from the practice squad to the team’s 53-man roster, Jets safety Rontez Miles suffered a season-ending injury and according to Miles “will miss the rest of the season.” (Facebook, December 18)


Miles announcement came out of left field as coach Rex Ryan mentioned nothing during his press availability on Thursday. Miles had offseason hip surgery this past year, but as of yet it is unknown what injury the Jets safety suffered this week.  While specifics on the injury are as of yet unknown, Miles writes that “surgery went well” and that he plans to come back better next year.

Ryan was effusive about Miles during training camp, because of Miles’ dedication and hard work.

This week, Ryan said that Miles exemplifies the kind of player he covets on his roster.

“[Rontez is] the guy that deserves [his promotion to the roster] and all his teammates will tell you same thing,” Ryan told reporters this week.

“When you go talk to everybody in that locker room, they’re going to be excited that Rontez [is on the roster],” Ryan said. “I thought he really earned it, so when we made that decision, a lot of it was based on Rontez Miles.”

Ryan went on to say that Miles would be expected to see time on special teams this weekend and might have even seen some action on defense.

Here’s what Miles wrote about his injury on his Facebook page Thursday:


Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

We very much looked forward to seeing Miles in action this weekend and hope that his recovery goes quickly and easily.

Feel free to leave some well-wishes to Rontez Miles on his Facebook page or right here on the blog and we’ll make sure that he gets the link to review them in the next day or two.

(I don’t often ask what to post in comments, but please no off-topic comments here. Instead let’s just leave some kind words for Rontez that we can share with him!)

Pryor: I will prove people wrong

Calvin Pryor is determined to set the record straight. Although his rookie season hasn’t panned out the way he’d hoped, the free safety is doing what he can to make the best of the season (Daily News, Dec.18).

“I will prove people wrong,” Pryor said to the Daily News. “No doubt about it.”

Pryor has been fighting an uphill battle since the start of his first NFL season given the Jets dismal cornerback situation, leaving Pryor far off the line of scrimmage and out of his comfort zone.

“I know people are saying he’s not what we expected him to be, but I’ll have a chip on my shoulder,” Pryor said. “I’m going to control what I can control and play my balls off. For the people who don’t believe in me . . . I’ll prove them wrong.”

But more than anything, this season has been a heavy dose of reality for the rookie out of Louisville.

“People had high expectations,” Pryor said. “They thought that I was just going to come in, fly around and make plays. It’s not that easy. In the NFL, you’re going up against the best of the best. . . . It’s just going to take time. Everybody is not just going to come into the NFL and just make noise like that. More people are going to go through more downs than ups, but it’s how you deal with it, how you take it and how you move on from it that matters.”

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

There’s wisdom to what Pryor has said.  Many rookies at other positions get the benefit of time on the bench to learn before getting into the game.  As a first rounder though, those rules generally don’t apply.  Pryor struggled mightily this season and has put some better work together on tape in recent weeks, but he still has a long way to to go.

The Jets are better using Pryor closer to the line of scrimmage right now as it is where he’s more naturally suited, not as a deep coverage player.  Also, the return of Dee Milliner to the secondary could help Pryor’s growth next year — that is if Dee Milliner can stay healthy.

Players can’t help but notice the planes…