Jets sign another WR, release Lewis

The Jets signed WR Chris Owusu, the team announced.

Owusu was recently cut by Tampa Bay.

He has 16 career receptions over three seasons for 158 yards and a touchdown.

To make room for Owusu, the Jets released CB LeQuan Lewis.

Brian Bassett,

We’re not entirely sure what the Jets see in making this move, but maybe the team thinks Owusu can be a help on special teams.  Salas demonstrated an ability to help this offense and T.J. Graham, the other receiver signed today, seems to have a better history of being productive.

BGA Wrap-up: Lions at Jets

So, here we are again. 1-3 is not the end of the world. Neither are three one-possession losses in a row. It’s the upcoming schedule and the dysfunctional nature of the worst parts of those losses that has everyone drawing up their doomsday scenarios.

Enough misery. The Jets have been in each of the last three games, have made some monumentally dumb mistakes, have had some bad luck and have been on the wrong end of some officiating decisions. All of these things don’t have to be destined to be repeated. This team needs some momentum and they need to get their season going again.

The Jets are one game out of first place with 12 games to go. Mathematically, they’re still in this. Just.

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Quote: Geno on losing

“We didn’t win. Once again, we didn’t win. It’s tough to lose three games. It’s tough to lose at all. I hate losing. We didn’t win. We need to find a way to get a win.”

-Geno Smith on losing

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Team held players-only meeting

Geno Smith told reporters that the offensive unit held a players-only meeting on Monday.

The meeting focused on the positives of the team and how they can continue to improve, Smith said.

They stressed “accountability,” according to team reporter Eric Allen (Twitter, Sept. 29).

Brian Bassett,

Glad the team is rallying, it’s a sign that they are trying to do right and keep their heads up during a rough stretch and rougher one ahead.  The Jets are going to need to come together and demonstrate that they can win a potential shootout with one of the league’s better signal callers in Philip Rivers.

BGA: The kicking of beasts

The Jets got an unexpected boost from punter Ryan Quigley this week, as he had by far his best game of the season. Five of his six punts went at least 50 yards, with four of those being fair-caught.

Unfortunately, his one sub-par punt was an important one, as it left the Lions with the short field and they went on to score their second touchdown just before half-time. This was desperate bad luck for Quigley though as his punt from the end zone bounced in the Detroit half and could easily have continued to roll, but took a Lions bounce and ended up on the Jets’ 47 yard line. This ruined an otherwise excellent performance from someone who really needed to pick up his game.

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Jets release Saunders, sign Graham

The Jets have released fourth-round pick WR/PR Jalen Saunders.

The team signed WR T.J. Graham to take his place on the roster, the team announced.

The rookie returned six punts for 26 total yards. Saunders had to be physically restrained by three police officers the morning of Aug. 15 during a seizure after his car went off the road during training camp (TJB, Aug. 27).

Graham was a third-round pick by the Bills in 2012. He has 54 career receptions for 683 yards and three touchdowns.

Brian Bassett,

The Jets had worked out Graham last week and the team must feel that his roster spot is not doing much to help the team now if he can’t help out the team on special teams.

With David Nelson potentially seeing some time off the field, the Jets need as much help for a passing game that is looking for answers.  Graham is a deep threat but hasn’t demonstrated an ability to help on offense much underneath or in intermediate routes.

BGA: Relying too much on a roar rookie

Midway through the second quarter, this was a tight affair, tied 3-3 with neither team moving the ball with any level of consistency. That’s when Jeremy Ross burned Antonio Allen to catch a 59-yard touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford.

However, while I can’t be 100% certain of this until I see the all-22 footage tomorrow, it does seem pretty clear that Allen was expecting help over the top and rookie Calvin Pryor bit hard on Stafford’s pump fake. Pryor also had a bad angle on a play earlier in the game which saw Golden Tate go for 35.

Pryor was in for a couple more plays and then apparently went down with an injury. I do wonder if the Jets will milk this injury to enable him to sit for a few games without formally benching him (as I suspect they did when Dee Milliner was struggling last year). You can live with rookie mistakes, but Pryor’s are particularly costly because he’s the last line of defense on a team designed to play in tight games and with inexperienced players operating at the corner positions. The current system puts too much pressure on the rookie not to make any mistakes, which again is an unrealistic proposition.

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