SNY 1-on-1: Maccaggan wants to set up team for long-term success

New Jets general manager Mike Maccaggan said his goal is to set up the Jets for long-term success.

“I know we want to turn things around quickly, and I get that, but we’re really going to do things lay the foundation for long-term success in the NFL,” the new GM told SNY’s Jeane Coakley.

Maccaggan said that Jets fans can expect him to be very disciplined and focused on their process of evaluating players “for the best interest in the long term.”

SNY’s Jeane Coakley sits down for an exclusive interview with Maccagnan, the new general manager of the New York Jets…

Maccagnan will head to the Senior Bowl on Thursday, he told SNY’s Coakley.

On Monday, at 7 a.m., Maccaggan said he will return to the team facility to begin their college scouting and scouting of free agents to determine their plan for the offseason heading into the 2015 season and to continue putting together the coaching staff with head coach Todd Bowles.

Brian Heimerdinger could join front office

Brian Heimerdinger could join the Jets front office in an unspecified role (Cimini, Jan. 21).

Heimerdingeris currently a scout with the St. Louis Rams, where he’s been for three years. Before that, he worked with Jets GM Mike Maccagnan in Houston, and previously with Tennessee.

Brian is the son of Jets former offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, who worked with the team for just one season (2005). Mike passed away in 2011.

bowles head coach

Bowles: Coordinators will call plays for Jets

Todd Bowles said that the team’s offensive and defensive coordinators will call the plays when the Jets are on defense.

Bowles, a defensive coordinator by trade, said that he will have a “big hand” on the defense, but will let his coaches make the calls.

“Our DC will call [the plays], but I’ll have a big hand in the defense as far as scheme and terminology,” Bowles said.

As for offense, Bowles said that he will have input with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, but will again let him call the plays. The Jets will have a balanced offense, Bowles said. He wants the Jets to be “tough” and “explosive.”

“Chan always gets the most out of players. He knows how to run the football. Understands the game inside and out,” the head coach said.

Bowles praised Gailey and Bill Parcells for helping him see the other side of the ball, too.

“Parcells taught me how to see the overall game. I learned a great deal from him.” Bowles said.

Bowles coached under Parcells when he was on the Jets’ staff, and later in a similar positions with Dallas and Miami.

Brian Bassett,

One of the big shortcomings as Rex Ryan was his inability to see beyond the defense and it was ultimately one of the big reasons that his run lasted only six years in New York.  Bowles has brought in coordinators that he trusts and he will let them run their shops, with the necessary oversight that one would expect from any good head coach.