Maccagnan expect Jets to be ‘very active’ in free agency

In an interview with the Jets website, the team’s new general manager Mike Maccagnan is open about the organizations new approach to free agency (Post, Jan. 21)

“We’ll be very active in free agency,” he said.

Maccagnan has a lot of money to spend, and not much of a choice whether to spend it or not. Since John Idzik kept a tight grasp on his wallet, the new GM has loose purse strings — at least $40 million to spend under the cap.

“Our goal is to ideally fill some of our needs through free agency, which will allow us to be a little more flexible in the draft, in terms of looking for the best player available potentially in the draft,” Maccagnan said. “Building through the draft is ideally what I’d like to do.”

Brian Bassett,

In my opinion, the Jets should prioritize four areas: secondary, pass-catcher, guards and quarterback.  The secondary needs a major upgrade at the coverage safety role as well as the second and slot corners.  The team could use another pass-catcher, whether that’s paying Percy Harvin, bringing in CJ Spiller or finding another playmaking talent better than Eric Decker.  The Jets guard play in 2014 was abominable and while Oday Aboushi came on well, the team needs to consider upgrading both spots on the line.  Lastly, the team should consider bringing in a veteran to compete with Geno and whomever they draft at quarterback.

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Maccagnan doesn’t anticipate any more front-office changes

After last week’s firings of college scouting executives Terry Bradway and Jeff Bauer, new Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said he doesn’t expect any more front-office changes (, Jan. 21).

“At this point in time, I don’t anticipate any more changes on the personnel side or the football operations side,” Maccagnan said. “I am looking forward to working with a lot of these people going forward, through the draft, and kind of evaluate as we go.”

Of course, that’s up to his discretion, which could very well change after the draft as Maccagnan has had a chance to evaluate his entire scouting department.

In Maccagnan’s first big move as the Jets’ GM, he fired longtime scouting department members Bradway and Bauer. He may bring in Rex Hogan to take over one of their roles (TJB, Jan. 20).

Brian Bassett,

We will see.  There’s been some rumblings about some of the lower level scouts. So we’ll take them at their word as they ramp up for the NFL Draft in three months.