Jets injury report

After suffering an ankle injury in the fourth quarter against the Vikings last week, WR Percy Harvin was unable to walk without the use of crutches after the game. In spite of that injury, Harvin is now listed as questionable for tomorrow but is expected to play (Tasch, Dec. 13).

“I did today pretty much all my cuts I think I’d have to do in a game, as far as coming out of my breaks and things like that,” Harvin said after practice. “I expect to play without any limitations.”

Out: DL Muhammad Wilkerson (turf toe) will not travel with the team to Tennessee.

Questionable: S Antonio Allen (hand)

Probable: TE Jace Amaro (concussion), G Willie Colon (knee), K Nick Folk (right hip), RB Chris Johnson (knee) and LB Trevor Reilly (concussion)

Outsider’s View: Tennessee Titans Week 15 (Defense & Special Teams)

I know some of you are fond of Football Outsiders, so once the season gets underway and trends start developing, looking at an opponent’s rankings on Football Outsiders helps to give fans some perspective.

(As a heads up, negative percentages are good on defense, bad on offense & specials)

Pass Defense: 18.9% (26th)
Rush Defense: 2.9% (28th)
D-Line Ranking: Run 24th / Pass 13th

Brian Bassett,

Analysis: Sorry to those wishing for a loss this weekend, but it might be too hard for the Jets to avoid winning against this Titans team.  As one of the NFL’s worst defenses, the Jets should have an easy weekend in every contestable way. Establishing and attack through the run should come easy for the Jets and put Geno at ease.  Once that’s accomplished, the Jets can then attack the vertical routes off play action once they start committing extra players to the box in attempts to stop the run.

There’s really only two things that should concern the Jets and their coaches.  The first is DE Jurrell Casey.  Casey leades the team in sacks (5.0) and has had a good season rushing the passer despite the woes of the unit.

The second is CB Jason McCourty.  McCourty has three interceptions and two forced fumbles so far this year.  Coming off a game where the Jets had ball control issues, McCourty might be able to punch one free or pick one off.  Geno needs to be mindful of where McCourty is on every play and ball carriers need to protect the football around him as much as possible.

Special Teams: -2.2% (20th)

Analysis: The Jets special teams has sagged badly this year, but they still have the upper hand on the Titans.  Tennessee’s special teams unit has struggled this season, specifically on field goals and on kickoffs.  Look for the Jets to do their best to hold the Titans to deep distances as the field shortens to force longer kick attempts … Rex Ryan might dial up some the pressure between the defense’s 20-40 yard lines.  Also look for the Jets to try and break some kick returns against one of the league’s worst coverage units.

Harvin likes ‘vibe’ with Jets

Despite an ankle sprain that may keep him off the field in the immediate future, Jets wide receiver Percy Harvin hopes to stick around next season as well (Post, Dec. 12).

“I feel at home here. I’m comfortable with all the players,” Harvin said Friday. “I like the vibe around here.”

The Jets acquired Harvin in October from the Seahawks for a conditional draft pick. Even though he’s only been in New York for six weeks, his guaranteed money expires this season so the Jets could cut Harvin without hurting their cap.


Outsider’s View: Tennessee Titans Week 15 (Offense)

I know some of you are fond of Football Outsiders, (as am I) so once the season gets underway and trends start developing, looking at an opponent’s rankings on Football Outsiders helps to give fans some perspective.

(As a heads up, negative percentages are good on defense, bad on offense & specials)

Pass Offense: -17.2% (29th)
Rush Offense: -9.6% (20th)
O-Line Ranking: Run 18th / Pass-Protection 30th

Brian Bassett,

Analysis: Just when fans might entertain the idea of hoping for a loss to advance their chances at getting the player of their pick come next April, a team like the Tennessee Titans comes along.  A win against the Titans would cast the Jets down among the three win teams, potentially pushing them outside the top five of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Are the Jets bad enough to lose to the Titans, even if they try? To read more of this story, click here

Harvin builds new reputation with Jets

Percy Harvin is finally back practicing with his team Friday after an ankle injury had him sidelined most of the week. Though his injury was less severe than expected, coach Rex Ryan was unsure if the wide receiver would be on the field in Sunday’s game against the Titans.

Harvin remained adamant all week that he would be – a very different outlook than the one that had him out 22 games in 2012 and 2013 combined.

“Since he’s been here, this is the kind of guy (he has been),” said Ryan in Friday’s press conference. “The respect that he’s already built with his teammates, his current teammates, is really impressive, and here’s another reason. You’re voting for the Ed Block Courage (Award), he got a ton of votes. He’s only been with us for six weeks. So, I think it just shows you what his current team thinks of him.”

Brian Bassett,

Hmm … wishful thinking with the name, newsdesk? :)

The situation that Harvin has come into with the JETS hasn’t been an easy one, but credit to Harvin for his behavior thus far this year with his new team.  We’re not sure what the future holds with Harvin and the Jets, but it seems like his teammates respect him and he’s become an immediate playmaker for the team and that goes a long way.

Harvin signed a deal with the Seahawks that the Jets inherited and could keep him in New York through 2018.  Personally, I see no reason to not extend the look the Jets have at Harvin into 2015 at $10.5 million for the upcoming season.

Injury Report: Wilkerson doubtful

Muhammad Wilkerson (toe) is doubtful Sunday against the Titans.

Antonio Allen (hand) and Percy Harvin (ankle) are questionable.

Jace Amaro (concussion), Willie Colon (knee), Nick Folk (right hip), Chris Johnson (knee) and Trevor Reilly (concussion) are all probable.

Brian Bassett,

It would be good for Jace Amaro to see some more time on the field before the season ends. Amaro had some productive games prior to his injury, but with just three games remaining on the year he would be better served going into 2015, when we expect him to be a bigger part of the gameplan, with more reps.

Last week in the pregame interview that Rex Ryan did with Bob Wichusen on ESPN Radio, there was talk about how hard Wilkerson is trying to get back on the field.  That he is doggedly trying to help his teammates, but that his enthusiasm is being tempered by the medical staff and what might benefit Wilkerson best in the long-term.

We know that Wilkerson wants badly to play against Tennessee, but understand why the Jets might keep him under wraps one more week