He forced some things, he had some games that were really, really bad — even by his standards. But I do believe that he has the potential to lead a football team if you get the right pieces around him. But the problem is that they’ve got a long way to go here in New York to get the right pieces around him.”

Kurt Warner on Jets QB Mark Sanchez

— Prop Him Up

Third place.  This team will have to score 40 to beat the Cowboys or Eagles.  time to tear down this team.

There is a saying about how a big percentage of winning is actually participating.  Reese has brought in more players, and kept around more players, that have a history of injuries than any GM I've ever seen.  That reeks of wishful thinking.  Tell me how much value Rolle had for this team just by playing every day.  He is by far the most overrated GM in football.  His drafts have been mostly lousy and his FA signings even worse.  He has lived on the 2007 draft and one UFA (Cruz) and now one firs round hit (OBJ).  I am tired of watching the dame mismatched team run out there, lose most of their first half of the games, then win just enough against lousy teams in the second half to somehow keep Reese and Coughlin around.

No playoffs this year.



the Problem is the Roster, the 53.  thats on REESE,  TC is not the problem.

Mara won't get rid of REESE, so yes we are doomed, by  Zero Roster depth.

Poor late round drafting & " allowing talent to FAIL " holding on to players for too long, makes a team very susceptible to injury. because of minumun help from developed young drafted players, REESE is forced to search for trash heap cast off's, and injury prone Vet's.  It's a downward spiral.

REESE is a reactionist with poor foresight, Summed up by NOT signing  ELI to a contract extension pre draft,   it was obvious that the price tag was ONLY going to go up & up.  But still he FAILS to act.  This will only cost the NYG in the long run.