Final Score: Niners 34 – Jets 0

The Jets were shut out for the fist time since 2010, in a crucial game at home losing to the Niners by a brutal 34-0 score.

The Rundown

Mark Sanchez had his third sub 50% completion percentage game of the season, going 13-29 for 103 yards with one interception.  

Santonio Holmes most likely has a serious knee injury which came on a non-contact injury where Holmes fell to the turf and fumbled the football which was returned for a score.

It wasn’t always pretty for Antonio Cromartie and the secondary, but they did their best and held all receivers to less than 50 yards apiece.  

The run was the story yet again.  The Jets run defense was miserable, allowing an average of 5.6 yards per play and only gaining 2.6 yards themselves.

The Niners play the ball-control football that Ryan would like to play himself.  The Jets turned over the ball four times (three fumbles, one interception) against the Niners who didn’t turn the ball over once.

Brian Bassett,

Coming off very tough news this week with the loss of Darrelle Revis, the expectation was that the Jets would have a rough time in this game but that they somehow might band together in the face of adversity that the rest of the season was about to present.  The team talked all week about stepping up and their leader Mark Sanchez talked about cleaning up some of the issues that we saw in last week’s ass-backwards win against the Dolphins.

None of that happened.  This game was an absolute embarrassment to watch.

While the Jets were not expected by most to win the game, it was such an overall poor showing by the team that it basically validated everything people thought about the team last week after their “win” in Miami.  The Jets defense looked cookie dough soft yet again and their inability on offense to do anything had me masochistically wishing for the days of Brian Schottenheimer.  It wasn’t so much that the Jets lost, it was how they lost.