NFL Draft: Twittersanity! on the Draftmas Eve

Here’s some of the quotes and rumors from last night.  Our man Corey killed the red carpet at the ESPN The Magazine event, here’s some of what he tweeted out during his time at the IAC Building.

Reaction: There’s so many conflicting reports on this and whether the Jets are or aren’t interested.  They’ve done their due diligence and if they covet Smith, then they are doing a great job of keeping it a secret.  Smith might be the top QB on their board … but does he have a ranking above #13?  That’s what really matters.  Also, this is a good indication that the Jets interest in Nassib was not genuine.

Reaction: This is Bush’s shot.  The team has signed Dawan Landry who could play strong or Big Nickel depending on who the Jets come away from the draft with.  Bush could make a good free safety, so good to hear that he’s got his eyes on the starting spot. Vaccarro is a heck of a player and would fit in nicely.  It’s also cool to hear that he loved his visit with the Jets.

Reaction: Patterson was linked to the Jets early on but Austin seems to have supplanted him as the top receiving prospect.  There’s some concern about Patterson’s smarts, but he’s got an incredible skillset and might make a dynamic receiver in the NFL.  When the Jets had just one pick in the first, using the 9th on Patterson seemed unlikely, but depending on how things fall, he might be there at 13.

Reaction: Warmack would take the Jets interior line to warp speed.  He’s on the larger side, but his speed and athleticism (and losing a little weight) would help him fit right into the Jets scheme.

Reaction: Signing Goodson took some of the wind out of the sails of interest in Bernard. Gio might be the best playmaker at the tailback spot in this class and is an open-field threat … but would he fit the Jets current or projected (assuming Chris Ivory trade happens) makeup?


Reaction: There’s been an undercurrent that the Jets might be interested in Manuel. It sounds to me as if Manuel is saying that this would be at the top of the second. If the Jets are serious about adding EJ Manuel, then they might have to maneuver in front of some teams.

Reaction: We like hearing that.  Eifert might be a nice tight end, but there’s just too much value to be had at the start of the second and third rounds. Ertz, McDonald, Kelce are all good prospects in their own right and not that far behind Eifert’s abilities.

Reaction: Now this is interesting because the Browns have been the one top ten team routinely linked with CB Dee Milliner. Will whoever trades back with the Browns then take Milliner? Maybe not, but it also means that Milliner might more easily slide to the ninth pick and other teams might want to trade up to draft him.

Reaction: There’s a real bottleneck in the top ten when it comes to tackles and guards.  It’s really hard to gauge how serious