Buzz: Is the Percy Harvin Talk Heating Up?

Brian Bassett ,

With depth question marks at receiver the Jets have been quietly looking around to see what might be out on the market.  While there was some smoke around a marginal player like Jeff Demps earlier this week, the Percy Harvin talk has been smoldering for weeks now.  Whatever the Jets might say publicly, it’s an indication that the Jets feel antsy about the skill position players they have going into the season and they could be looking for one more piece to the puzzle.

Could the Jets really be interested in trading for Harvin?  We wrote about Harvin and whether or not the Jets might have interest in him back in June. On WFAN this morning, Boomer & Carton reported that the Vikings and Jets are in talks over the former Gator receiver.  I-Bob has been the point man on this story for a few weeks now, and still is and is only too happy to let me know.

Now what indeed, Bob? Now what? indeed.

But it’s worth noting that there’s been nothing from Schefter or the mainstream rumor guys though … and virtually nothing on the Jets beat.  So it’s hard to know just how serious this is.

All we know from our lazy sleuthing from a few sources that the Jets have been in internal discussions about Harvin, and there has been contact with the Vikings.  But beyond that?  Continuing to beat the drum won’t magically make it so.  So at this point, it’s impossible to say that there’s anything that serious, but just by some information we can guess about any potential deal:

  • If the Jets are stilling batting the idea around, they’re serious about the value Harvin would add to the team.
  • If the Vikings are open to talking with the Jets, they are at the very least interested to see if what value they could get for trading Harvin.

More than likely, it comes down to what both teams feel like the right value would be for adding a player like Harvin.  The Vikings are going to want top dollar (1st rounder) and the Jets are smart enough that they won’t pay it.  I’m sure the Jets and Vikings will have a tough time seeing eye-to-eye on the value.  Brandon Marshall was just traded for two third round picks, so use that as the water-mark for this trade no matter what the Vikings might want.  They’ll find it nearly impossible to get a first rounder for him.  I’d imagine that the Vikings will want more (Harvin is younger, has had less domestic abuse, mental illness, etc.) but the Jets might be willing to part with a 2nd, but it’s going to be the second pick they’d give up that will likely delay (or is delaying) talks.

So what would adding Harvin do to the Jets offense?

  • It would immediately upgrade the depth at WR, but also bring into question WR roles.
  • Does Harvin immediately become the #2?  What does that do to Hill’s progress?  Are the Jets now forced to play more three receiver sets with Hill, Harvin and (TRIPLE H! I CALL TRADEMARK!!!) Holmes?
  • The Jets offense would have to re-think how they would utilize their personnel.  This throws a serious wrench into Sparano’s deployment of personnel.  While I’m sure Sparano would be happy for such an addition, it’s going to change some of what he was probably planning on doing with the offense.
  • Jeremy Kerley’s chances of offensive relevancy plummet over the next two years and Jordan White will be out of luck on making this team.  White has that similar RB/WR build and style that Harvin had coming out of college, Harvin is the more refined version of the same type of player.

What does a serious interest in Harvin mean about the Jets?

  • It the Jets are serious about Harvin, it is commendable that they are always looking to add talent, but that there’s also probably more dysfunction than I realized in the organization — and that’s saying a lot.  Is the offense a run-first team or a pass-first team?
  • To that last point, while the Jets have billed this year as a ground and pound team, it means the team might believe Sanchez is more ready to air it out than maybe even the team thought.  If they are going to run the ball as much as they claim, then having three very talented receivers isn’t as important.

It’s hard to get too lathered up about Harvin and his chances of becoming a Jet.  The Jets always look into every option, but it’s going to come down to whether the teams can agree to a value for the player — and then once they agree to it, are the Jets will to consider the changes to the offense that a player of Harvin’s abilities would create just by his nature of being on the team.