Jets ‘Happy’ With Improving Wilson

In an era where instant progress and gratification are deeply ingrained in the minds of fans, it’s been frustrating to watch the Jets’ 2010 draft class struggle to come into their own. Vlad Ducasse seems destined for back-up duty barring an unforeseen revelation while John Conner continues to be inconsistent. Joe McKnight turned up his ‘A’ game last year but even now people complain about McKnight, whether it be about him jokingly stating he ate McDonalds to bulk-up or fumbling in practice–if it was still 2010 I’d be nervous but since it’s not, I’m not.

Beyond Ducasse, first round selection Kyle Wilson has seemingly received the most criticism whether it be fair or unfair. Wilson was at a disadvantage from the start when Antonio Cromartie was named the #2 corner before Wilson was even drafted, leaving the rookie to learn the then-foreign nickel spot. Then the lockout-shortened 2011 season certainly didn’t help Wilson make overwhelming leaps and bounds. Now in his third year, his coaches and teammates have seen a considerable change in Wilson who has embraced his role behind Revis Island and AlCrotraz.

“I think [Wilson’s] having the best camp he’s ever had,” Revis said. “I told him that the other day. I told him to just keep working and getting better, and he’s been doing that. He’s been outstanding out there, and you can see it. You can see the maturity in him out there.

“He’s stepped up a lot, and you can see it. He’s catching interceptions out here, he’s making checks, and he’s competing, and that’s good.”

This spring, defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman told Wilson that despite the presence of Revis, the league’s best corner, and Cromartie, widely considered the league’s most athletic, at the two starting spots, he wanted him to think as if he’s a starter, and compete like a player trying to earn a starting spot.

So far, Thurman has liked what he has seen.

“He’s taken the words and applied them,” Thurman said. “When you do that, as good as Revis and Cromartie are, you’ve got to also look at yourself and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to maximize my ability,’ and I believe he’s on his way to doing that right now.

Eric Weeks,

You know you’re doing something right when you get ringing endorsements from not only your position coach but Darrelle Revis too. Just like Sanchez, I think we’re witnessing a change in Kyle that we have be longing for and so long as he can carry this over into the regular season there is little reason not to believe Revis’ proclamation that the Jets will have one of best trios in the NFL.