Sanchez: This is ‘My Huddle’

When we were in Cortland for training camp, it was noticeable – just on the practice field – that Mark Sanchez’s demeanor had changed this year.  As camp breaks in Cortland, Sanchez is making it clear which player is firmly in charge of the offense – an important thing for a young quarterback to own.

Per Rich Cimini on ESPN New York:

Sanchez called this “probably my most consistent camp,” noting he has dramatically reduced his turnovers — a bugaboo from last season. He also has demonstrated a take-charge attitude, claiming he’s more comfortable as a vocal leader, especially with the young wide receivers.

“When you come in the huddle, not to be selfish here, but this is my huddle,” he said. “Don’t talk, name your position quickly and let’s go get lined up.”

Sanchez said he made it a point to tell teammates that it’s his neck on the line when they break down, so they’d better know and execute their assignments. He admitted that it’s a departure from his usual demeanor.

“That takes a little bit of leadership, a little bit of experience and it’s not the easiest thing to do,” he said. “It’s not necessarily in my genetic makeup to start yelling at guys, but there’s a time and a place to give somebody a hug … and there are times when you have to get on guys.”

Brian Bassett,

Sanchez has definitely been much more take charge, much more owning the offense than in past years.  He knows what’s on the line, he knows who is behind him.  He seems ready to take the next step … now we’ll have to wait and see how the season goes.

Sanchez’s interception numbers were definitely down in camp, which is a testament to his skill if he’s going against Revis and Cromartie with lesser receivers and still not throwing picks and keeping high completion percentages.  No knock against any NFL level cornerback, but Sanchez might see that level of talent at the spot twice a season … he sees it every day.

Sancehz could very well be ready to make the jump.  Bart Scott seems to think so, and Sanchez is looking for it from himself too.