Source: “Everyone is Really Together Here”

Every summer many teams get into scuffles all around the country, but this week seems as if the Jets are the only team getting chippy.

According to a player on the team who spoke to Metro’s Kristian Dyer, the incidents aren’t indicative of what the team chemistry is.

“Considering the year last year and the tension in the locker room, I’m surprised with how little tension there is.”


The source said that after Monday’s training session that laughter could be heard coming from the running backs meeting room when McKnight entered. The Jets running back coach is Anthony Lynn, the father of D’Anton, the rookie who pushed McKnight out of bounds.
“These incidents aren’t spilling over into the locker room at all. It isn’t like that at all, that the fights continue off the field,” the source said. “Everyone is really together here. The high guys on the payroll are helping the younger players. We all know and understand that the younger guys are pushing to make the team. It isn’t anything personal; there isn’t any bad blood.

“In fact, the guys are laughing it off afterwards.”

Brian Bassett,

Fights in camp are typical, the concern is how teams respond to them.  Rex will still be a player’s coach, but he’s definitely cool with taking a heavier hand with the team.  Whether they run or lag in the gassers, players are realizing that the inmates don’t run the asylum.

It’s good to hear this from a player directly and I don’t doubt that guys who got into scrums in the last week were over it pretty quickly.  The Jets have to know by now that the world is looking for them to stumble and I hope it’s making an impression on them as they ready for the 2012 season.