TJB Podcast: Trader Jets

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett continue their road to the NFL Draft. This week, they fire up the TJB Trade Maker (17:40), which sets up five different deals in which the Jets trade out of the 6th spot. From up, down, and all around — the guys break it down.

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Revis to attend Patriots ceremony at the White House

Jets CB Darrelle Revis will attend the ceremony at the White House when the Patriots’ Super Bowl win is recognized next week, a source confirmed to Seth Walder of the Daily News (April 16).

Williams will visit Jets

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Will the Jets find a quarterback?

This post was originally published on numberFire.

Football has always been declared to be much more of an even playing field than other sports due to its salary cap. The logic is: if every team can only spend a certain amount of money, no one team can hoard all of the top talent like the New York Yankees tend to do in baseball.

If ever there was an argument that football is more of a caste-based society than every other sport, you would look no further than the AFC East.

Yes, at the very top we have the uber-wealthy, the New England Patriots, who just put the finishing touches on their 13th playoff appearance in the last 15 years, their 8th Super Bowl appearance in team history (and 6th since 2001), and 4th Super Bowl championship since the turn of the century.

After that, in recent history, it’s been a large puddle of mediocrity. Still, at this time of year, everyone’s standings have been reset. It’s a new chance for every team to compete in 2015, and that starts with the NFL Draft. With each team looking for just the right pieces to push them over the top in their hopes of competing –- whether now, or a few years down the road –- the draft has become one of the most electric events in the NFL calendar.

So, what do AFC East teams need in order to bump themselves up for 2015?  To read more of this story, click here