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Four things you need to know about the Jets moving back to Geno Smith

Brian Bassett,

Here’s four things that occur to us with the news this morning that the Jets will be returning to Geno Smith as the team’s starter against Miami…

Like it or not, John Idzik is squarely in control of this team — The prevailing notions on Tuesday among beat reporters were that Rex Ryan would have kept Mike Vick in as the starter for the upcoming Monday night game. Then on Tuesday night, a report leaks about Rex Ryan being a dead man walking all season, building the case publicly that Rex’s hands were tied by his GM and that he’s looking to get into television. That, of course, was followed by the news on Wednesday morning that Geno Smith will be the starter next week against Miami. After the Monday night laugher to the Bills, it would seem that Ryan had no capital left to spend and so Idzik stepped in and made the decision on Geno. Idzik wants to see whether or not Geno Smith should factor into the (current) GM’s decision-making for 2015. With two games left against Miami and another against New England, Geno will get his chance to fly or fail.

Does it really even matter? — Maybe this makes me bad at parties (just like Rust Cohle) but seriously what does it matter who starts at quarterback for the remainder of this season? Will either be the future of this Jets team? As a cynic, I have to assume that we already know what Geno Smith is. The young quarterback is grasping to the thinnest thread before he drops into the chasm of irrelevance. The other choice is Mike Vick. Vick, in all practical purposes, gave up on Monday and looks like he’s one and done with the Jets. Despite wanting to let him get a chance, Matt Simms won’t and can’t be a long-term answer for this team. In all likelihood, the 2015 opening day starter at QB is not on this roster.

Look to the future — Speaking of 2015, with the news that the team is moving back to Geno pushes the idea that is about the future of this franchise. Yes, Geno has had some rough patches this year, but yes he had some bright spots too. Did sitting help him? It seems unlikely but it is impossible to judge from his garbage time against the Bills. Let’s see if he can throw for 83 percent completions against Miami in a full game. Along with Geno, expect many younger players (ie: Dakota Dozier, Bilal Powell, etc.) to start to see more time in the coming weeks. There’s no playing for 2014 anymore so why not be sure which pieces to discard and which ones to keep for 2015 by seeing who can put some good games together now.

Real World, Florham Park — The quarterback situation on this team has been a mess for four seasons and until the team can get it right, this team will never compete. Stop for a moment and think about the current state of this team and the state the team has been in dating back to 2011. I am going to take off my Jets fan hat for a moment and think. If you were Muhammad Wilkerson, is this a place where I want to commit my next 5-10 years of my life? My hope is that for Wilkerson the answer is “yes,” … but after the way this team has been run since Wilkerson joined. Let’s assume that Idzik stays come January. If Idzik can’t get Wilkerson to do a deal this offseason, then we will know whether or not keeping Idzik was the right move, maybe before the 2015 NFL Draft.

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Geno Smith will start on Monday

The Jets announced that Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback on Monday night.

“Rex met with Geno Smith & Mike Vick this morning and told the QBs that Geno will get the start vs. MIA on Monday Night,” the Jets tweeted.

Michael Vick injured his calf on Monday night against the Bills in Detroit and the team said they would know more about his injury on Wednesday.

Vick completed just seven passes for 76 yards and was intercepted once on Monday night. Smith came in for Vick and had 10 completions for 89 yards.