GEICO SportsNite: Bowles grades Jets

Jets coach Todd Bowles grades the team’s performance in London and explains his team’s mindset with Jeane Coakley.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson has been the team's starting left tackle since 2006 and has been a fixture - rarely missing a snap.  Ferguson's durability cannot be understated, but his play tends to rely on the quality of the player to his immediate right.  A quality pass protector and moderate run blocker, Brick might be in his final year with the team with a $14 million cap hit looming in 2016.

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BentBent, The bye week is upon us and the Jets – who flew home immediately after the game – planned to reconvene stateside for a couple of days before giving the players the rest of the week off.

While I’m glad the bye week is here because I’m exhausted, we’ll still have plenty of content for you between now and the next game a week on Sunday. Keep coming back to TJB over the next couple of weeks and I’ll have a scouting report on the newest Jet, Dion Bailey, as well as an Expendables update and the BGA Extra from Sunday’s game. If the Jets sign any new players to the active roster, I’ll break them down too.

In case you missed it, please check out my coverage from the weekend.

– Friday practice recap and player comments [Friday]

– An in-depth chat with general manager Mike Maccagnan [Saturday]

– BGA game preview [Sunday]

– BGA game review articles, including player interviews [Monday]


BGA Wrap-up: Jets “at” Dolphins

I was going to close today’s London-themed BGA with an elaborate Shakespearian tragiparody but I don’t think this week needs any gimmicks because the defensive performance was entertaining enough already.

Instead, I’d like to use this space to thank you, the readers, for your support and comments over the years. This was a pretty awesome experience that wouldn’t have been possible without you guys visiting the site, participating in the discussions and supporting the site. I was determined to give you guys a taste of this weekend in London so I hope I didn’t let you down! If you did want any more detail, you know where you can get it…

If you have any questions or would like me to look at something more closely, please leave your questions here in the comments, email them to or tweet them to @bent_double and I’ll respond in BGA Extra later this week.

There are links to each BGA article or the option to read the offensive and/or defensive BGA in full after the jump.

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TJB Post Game Podcast: Jets vs Dolphins

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett are putting the wraps on a good day in Jolly Olde London Town, as they take calls and comments after the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins in Week 4.

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Jets sign Thompkins to practice squad, release Walter Powell

The Jets have signed WR Kenbrell Thompkins to their practice squad, the team announced. To make room on the practice squad, WR Walter Powell was released (Oct. 5).

Brian Bassett,

With all the fanfare Thompkins received in his early days in New England, I’ll bite and raise half an eyebrow. With that said, the New England beat has a way of inciting the fantasy echo-chamber and if Thompkins was as talented as advertised in 2013 he wouldn’t be getting signed to the Jets practice squad four weeks into the season.

The Jets have been looking for another developmental player for a few week; not long ago they worked out Corey Washington, likely for Walt Powell’s spot. The Jets must also feel confident in their current returners to let Powell go after a solid preseason from him on special teams.


BGA: Fish and chip-shots

After giving up a costly punt return for a touchdown last week, the Jets’ special teams units didn’t fare much better yesterday. As previously noted, Jarvis Landry is a dangerous player with the ball in his hands and he gave the Dolphins plenty of good field position.

Quincy Enunwa made one fantastic play where he got down there first and made a big hit, but although he consistently got down the field fast, he overpursued a couple of times and missed a tackle. Several other players missed tackles too, though, including Erin Henderson and Jaiquawn Jarrett who each had two. Tommy Bohanon did overpursue once but he was the only player credited with two tackles.

Landry ended up with almost 200 yards and the Dolphins as a team racked up 246 return yards to 77 for the Jets. That’s the kind of thing that can turn a game where you dominate in all other areas from a blow-out into one where you’re only a play here or there from being in a one-possession game, which is what happened in the fourth quarter when Landry returned punts 28 and 25 yards into Jets’ territory. I hope this wasn’t a reaction to what seemed like a lackluster special teams practice on Friday.

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BGA: God save our Skrine

When Calvin Pryor went down following a knee-on-knee collision in the fourth quarter with the Dolphins showing signs of life and trying to make a comeback, the Jets turned to an unexpected source to replace Pryor. Dion Bailey, who started on opening day for the Seahawks with Kam Chancellor still holding out, was an unlikely candidate having only joined the team off waivers within the previous week and the more experienced Jaiquawn Jarrett also active.

Bailey came up huge, making several big plays to help keep the Dolphins out of the end zone before Darrelle Revis made a fourth down interception in the end zone. After entering the game, he was immediately in on two downfield tackles as players broke away from their tacklers. He then made a smart play, timing his jump in the passing lane perfectly to prevent Ryan Tannehill from being able to throw a makeable pass to Jarvis Landry, who was trying to separate from Revis on a whip route. This gave Leonard Williams enough time to pressure Tannehill and force him to throw it away as Landry faded towards the pylon. You can see this below.

Bailey’s contributions were only getting started though. First of all, he initiated the contact with a receiver that drew an offensive pass interference call to negate Landry’s touchdown with Revis trailing and caught up in the pick. He then made a tackle for a short gain after a pass to the flat, forced Jordan Cameron to come down out of bounds on a throw to the back pylon and then made another tackle on Landry in the flat to force the fourth down on which Revis made his interception. Overall, it was like that Pittsburgh game last year where Jarrett seemed to cram a career’s worth of big plays into one game – only Bailey crammed them all into one drive. Hopefully he’s just getting started with making big plays in the NFL though.

Bailey was one guy I was especially keen to talk to after the game:

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BGA: Land of Coples and Glory

Jets linebackers in this game combined for just four tackles. Even with the 4-2-5 starting alignment (with none of the front four just being a linebacker with his hand in the dirt), that’s surprisingly low statistical production. However, in the same way that Demario Davis had 13 tackles but actually played poorly last week, that doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute well towards the win.

Davis may have only made one tackle, but he contributed two hits and a pressure as a pass rusher, batted a pass at the line and broke up another pass with good coverage. He did miss a couple of tackles, but was around the football on a couple of stops where he didn’t get credit and nearly had a couple of sacks.

David Harris did get a sack and was in on a couple of stops in coverage, while also helping to blow up a run with penetration. Harris was blocked out of a couple of plays but avoided any obvious mistakes.

What about the outside linebackers though?

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BGA: Chaos upfront with a spot of T.J.

As I wrote on Friday, Leonard Williams exudes an intangible star quality that nobody else on the team can match. Ironically, while it was Muhammad Wilkerson with his two sacks and a forced fumble, that made the splashy impact plays, Williams went to work with a sensational performance, especially as a pass rusher, where he was creating constant pressure, especially throughout the first half. While that perhaps won’t stand out to casual fans, it’s going to raise his profile quickly.

To some extent, this represented the Jets going after a major weakness because the Dolphins were forced to single block Williams with a guard quite a lot and their guards are inexperienced and struggling. Williams was too powerful for them, driving them back into the quarterback consistently, but also used a swim move to get cleanly into the backfield a couple of times.

It wasn’t all against single-blocking though. Maybe the best play anyone made all day saw him ghost through a double team and somehow haul Ryan Tannehill down with one hand grabbing his sleeve. Tannehill, looking endzone, was forced to throw the ball away with his left hand. There’s only one other Jet who could have made that play and that’s Wilkerson.

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Penalties hurt Jets big time in London

As good as the Jets played on offense, it was defensive penalties that allowed the Dolphins to make a game of it.

The Jets gave away 163 yards on 14 penalties, including back-to-back pass interference calls that gifted the Dolphins 58 yards and set up Ryan Tannehill’s first of two touchdown passes.

“We practically gave them seven points with two penalties,” Jets coach Todd Bowles said. “We can’t have the penalties … and beat a lot teams in this league. We were fortunate today.”