Approval Ratings: Mike Westhoff

Over the next few days, we want to hear from you about players, coaches and front office staff and whether you approve or disapprove of their contributions to the team.  Basically, do you want them to stay on in 2010?

Mike Westhoff’s 2009 Highlights:

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Another reason I'd like to see them play (and beat) Toronto is that then winning the division doesn't end up meaning anything.

Of course there is the Bulls revenge idea, but quite honestly I'd be scared to watch our series against the bulls. I understand last season was close, and this is a different team. But we saw Noah dominate last year, and we actually had legit size, now this year we don't so I don't want to think about what they could to do us on the glass.

Brian Erni
Brian Erni moderator

@benmoz  Ben, definitely agree that it'd be a much different match up than last year. KG and Plumlee's size helps, so does Kirilenko's overall awesomeness. Just worried about the rebounding deficiency. They'll have that problem against anyone (except really Miami), but Noah's ability to take over still scares me. Either one should be a really good, close series.


@Brian Erni  

Miami is a good emotional get, but a CHI or TOR series might pose a serious problem for us even getting to Dade County. We still don't match up well w/those two teams. Never have.

They're both playing well, and neither folded in 2014 as Bkln made its push. Toronto especially has played well, and held us off firmly from grabbing the Division, which we'd begun to believe was our by divine right. They had other ideas. And will in any playoff series.

Last night was a great emotional high. But now, by the light of day, the hard work begins as we have to finish strong, attempt to gain home court adv., focus totally on CHI or TOR, figure out how to beat them, which we've not been adept at doing...

Then, we can think about Miami.