TheJetsBlog Podcast: Ready for the Raiders

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett are Week 1 Ready for the Raiders, with a look at final cuts, a preview of the opening game, a quick look around the AFC East and the return of The Forecast!

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  • A Final Look at Final Cuts
  • Week 1 Raiders Preview (15:20)
  • AFC East Preview (30:05)
  • The Forecast! (35:30)
    • Brian VS Corey: Chapter 3


lose this one and our grand total will be 4.


Great disscussion guys. I learned alot just listening to you guys. Isnt Carr more of a pocket type QB passer. I mean I seen  him bust off some runs durring preseason. I was reading that he's pretty good in the pocket. I guess there gonna be trouble if the Jets start busting up the middle on him. its gonna be a long day if Khulif Barnes or Howard start breaking down. How ever the Raiders have some play makers I like MacFadden he's good when he's healthy and right now he's healthy throw in Jones-drew and Murray, those are some pretty good running backs. What makes sense is that Jets Defense will wear them down. great point.  I think Jets win this. I would like to add that 1st there playing at home and the game is a little early for Oakland thats not gonna help Oakland. 

I was hearing that there 3rd round pick Gabe Jackson was looking  pretty good he's Khulif Barnes back up. Its good to know that Oakland has issues on the line and the defensive backfeild. It will be fun to watch the Jets passing game clicking that will be different. I gonna go with Q being the star on the defense this year. I do like what Oakland did in the draft this year they got some players for the future. I give them that. Jets win 32-17.

Bent moderator


I gather Jackson is going to start because Menelik Watson was injured for most of preseason.