TheJetsBlog Podcast: Daniel Jeremiah calls in

Corey Griffin and Brian Bassett chat with NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah to talk this year’s rookies and next year’s draft. Plus – a Raiders look back, a Panthers look forward, Playoff Machine Fun, and the high-scoring and high-flying Forecast!

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  • Corey starts off with a long and sad story
  • Story is over, let’s talk some Jets football (07:20)
  • NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah, calls in (14:00)
    • Hindsight on Geno and 2013 draft
    • 2014 QB class
    • Milliner and Winters
    • Defense issues
    • Future WRs?
  • Playoff Machine Fun! (37:45)
  • The Forecast (41:10)

Nep Oznat
Nep Oznat

B o o o o o o ring first 8 minutes!


@jetfuel Apart from the fact that you're a Giants fan as well.

Nep Oznat
Nep Oznat

@me Pretty good.  Held his punches though on Geno question

Vinnie Pedi
Vinnie Pedi

I hope this means I get an invitation to next years fantasy football league.  Also, Fitzgerald/Bowe were the death of I feel your pain.