BGA Live: Jets at Dolphins – Fourth Quarter

In a departure from the norm, this week we’re breaking down the Jets game AS IT HAPPENS.

This post covers the fourth quarter (and overtime, if applicable) and will be updated every few minutes with detailed analysis from today’s game. There was a separate post for each quarter and we would ask that you restrict the discussion in the comments section to the analysis only. If you want to discuss the ongoing events during the game, please do so in the chatroom or the official game thread.

Detailed analysis follows after the jump.

Powell grinds out three more behind another good Colon block to set up third and four. Sudfeld lines up out wide and makes the first down catch on a whip route.

Smith’s next pass is high and slightly behind Winslow, who gets nailed going over the middle. Another short Powell run sets up third down and this time Smith missed Nelson at the pylon, high again. Nelson had separation coming back to the ball. Wake leveraged Cumberland into the quarterback to create pressure on the play.

Unbelievably, Folk misses a chip shot field goal to keep the score at 14-7.

On first down, Coples holds the runner up at the line and Wilkerson and Harrison finish him off. The next play is a big gain up the middle though. Like that run earlier, Wilkerson and Richardson both went outside and Harris was lit up by the fullback and Davis couldn’t get off a second level lineman block.

Miller’s next carry goes for five, but Harris forces a third down with an open field tackle in the flat and then Trufant comes up big with a stop in the backfield following a Coples pressure. Miami punts again from near midfield. Once again, Fields puts it in the end zone for a touchback.

After a short gain on first down, Mangold and Winters create a lane with Winters peeling off to the second level and Powell gaining 12 more. On more or less the same play, Powell gets 13. This time Winters misses his block but his man misses the tackle on Powell. Good block from the fullback position by Cumberland too.

Ducasse is now in the game at right guard, but the next play fails because Howard allows his man to bottle it up. On second down it gets fun as the Jets put Smith out wide and Alex Green in the backfield with Powell, who rolls left and lofts a pass over the top to Cumberland for a big gain inside the 30.

Nelson’s catch in the flat is stopped for no gain, so the Jets go back to Powell for three. Winters pulled left and flattened Wake on the play. On third and seven Nelson’s catch came up short of the marker as Smith was hit as he threw. Once again this came from Wake leveraging Cumberland into the backfield. Folk’s field goal atones for his earlier miss to make it 17-7 Jets

Good tackle by Bellore in kick coverage gives Miami the ball at their 22 with 4:12 to go. On the very first play, Tannehill’s throw over the middle is tipped by Landry and intercepted by Reed (his third as a Jet).

Good block by Ducasse (still at right guard) gets Powell four on first down. Then, more fun as the Jets put The Blast Chiller in at tailback with Damon Harrison and Kenrick Ellis also in the backfield in a three-back set! Richardson gains a couple and Powell also gets a short gain on third down. Another Folk field goal makes it 20-7 with three minutes left

Miami takes over at their 16 after nearly fumbling away the ball. More Coples pressure, but Tannehill steps up and hits his man over the middle with Cromartie in coverage. He then gets another first down to Clay who easily beat Davis over the middle after they matched up in the slot. The next pass over the middle is incomplete with Cromartie draped all over the receiver. Once again, Coples got in Tannehill’s face. After a penalty, Miami was given a first down when Allen was penalized for holding. This takes us to the two minute warning.

Wilkerson with the pressure this time, as he and Coples were stunting around each other a lot on the last drive. Tannehill completes a short pass, then completes underneath for a first down with Harris covering. After a spike to stop the clock, Tannehill’s high throw is intercepted by a leaping Dee Milliner to ice it. Douzable stunted inside and hit Tannehill as he threw.

Jets take a knee and win 20-7 to finish the season 8-8 and 2nd in the AFC East.

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FWIW (probably not much), i absolutely hate BGA this way

Iain Bartholomew
Iain Bartholomew

On the play Snacks and Ellis blocked for Sheldon it seemed they opened a hole to the right of where he ran. Do you think he was deliberately not running behind them to minimise the risk of rolling up on one of them or other injury scenarios?


Thanks for the live BGA - it was great, except I'd occasionally get page-not-found on a refresh - I assume it'd be when you were updating.
  Not a big deal though.


Total speculation, but I got the impression Geno was expecting Nelson to break more towards the middle of the endzone than the front of it