BGA Stat of the Day: Is Peyton a Cold Weather QB?

I’ve seen a few people ruling out Peyton Manning wanting to play for the Jets because he isn’t a cold weather quarterback*. It’s certainly true that he has benefited from playing a high percentage of his games in a dome or in warm climates*, but it would at least be interesting to see how he has fared in cold weather games to get some idea of whether he would be capable of playing as well on the East Coast as he did down South**.

* To illustrate this, over his last five seasons he has completed only five more passes in games where the temperature was below 40 degrees than Mark Sanchez has over the last three years.

** If only we had a test subject with almost identical DNA with a large body of work playing Quarterback on the East Coast.

After the jump, I present the numbers for games played when the temperature was below 40 degrees***, together with a comparison to Mark Sanchez and a breakdown of his numbers over his last five years. These numbers are presented without comment or analysis, not because the numbers should speak for themselves, but because they provide a platform for you to discuss them in the comments section.

*** Numbers from

Peyton Manning – Career Stats in Games Under 40 Degrees:

292-453, 3553 yards, 23 TDs, 14 INT (64.5%, 7.8 ypa, 92.5 QB rating)

Mark Sanchez – Career Stats in Games Under 40 Degrees:

160-281, 1647 yards, 8 TDs, 12 INT (56.9%, 5.9 ypa, 65.7 QB rating)

Peyton Manning – Last Five Seasons: Stats in Games Under 40 Degrees:

165-235, 2132 yards, 16 TDs, 9 INT (70.2%, 9.1 ypa, 105.1 QB rating)