BGA: Break you down, Brick by Brick

For D’Brickashaw Ferguson, it’s been an inconsistent year at times, but he had only given up one sack all season entering yesterday’s game. As that’s his primary role, it’s obviously too soon to put him out to pasture quite yet. However, yesterday, Ferguson struggled as much as he has all year with the emerging Everson Griffen.

Griffen is a fascinating player, who was regarded as a potential first round pick back in 2010 but unexpectedly fell to the fourth round due to concerns about his consistency. Sure enough, he’s been inconsistent over the course of his career but is responding to the faith shown in him by Vikings management, who signed him to a big money extension in March. Griffen worked Ferguson over all game long and though Ferguson stayed in front of him most of the time (apart from one play where he got torched by a spin move to blow up a red zone screen play), Griffen constantly drove him back in the pocket in an impressive display of power.

Griffen did register a sack just before halftime, although this came as he tackled Geno Smith from behind on a play where Willie Colon’s man beat him to flush Smith out of the pocket. However, this was only possible because Griffen had driven Ferguson back in the first place. Ferguson fared a little better in the second half and rose to the challenge somewhat, which was interesting because in recent games, the pattern has been for Ferguson to be consistent and then have some breakdowns at the end of the game, possibly due to tiredness.

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BGA: Start as you mean to go on

For Geno Smith, it was an almost comical start as one game after the team was criticized for never giving him the opportunity to throw the ball, he dropped back on the first snap of the game and threw an interception that gave the Vikings a 7-0 lead just 12 seconds into the game.

I toyed with the idea of just writing an article that took 12 seconds to read and then moving on to the next one but, as it turned out, the game wasn’t over at that point and there were some worthwhile things to come out of it.

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BGA: Viking Sacrifice

Welcome to BGA! We’ll be here the day after every Jets game for an in-depth review of what happened. We’ll look at each position group throughout the day, so keep coming back to TJB to check it out. We’ll also post a summary with links to all the articles later on today.

Let’s move on to discuss yesterday’s game…

For a meaningless game, yesterday’s match-up with the Minnesota Vikings actually provided some solid entertainment. The Jets’ inability to score touchdowns in the red zone was probably the biggest factor in their loss, which drops them to 2-11 on the season – tied for the worst record in the NFL with just three games remaining. Maybe that’s a good thing in the long run; we’ll have to wait and see.

After the worst possible start saw the Jets fall behind to a Geno Smith pick-six on their first offensive snap, the offense settled down and moved the ball pretty well all day. While their inability to score in the red zone prevented them from taking the lead, five Nick Folk field goals were enough to get them to overtime, only to then lose to a long touchdown on the Vikings’ first offensive possession of the extra period.

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BGA Preview: Jets at Vikings

During the season, Bent’s Game Analysis charts games for some of the Jets’ upcoming opponents, enabling a break down of what to watch out for on gameday…

The Jets travel to face the Minnesota Vikings this week. Minnesota is 5-7 and three games out of the wildcard race with four games to go but, realistically, they’re already looking ahead to next year. Since a last second touchdown by Sammy Watkins dropped them down to 2-5 in week seven, they’ve been competitive, winning three of their last five and losing the other two by a field goal to the Bears and a touchdown to the Packers. It should be a cold weather game with the Vikings, who usually play in a dome, playing all their games outdoors at the University of Minnesota’s stadium this season.

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BGA Extra: Dolphins at Jets

Welcome to BGA Extra, where I draw a line under the previous weekend’s game by responding to your questions from BGA during the week. After the jump, I respond to your questions about the game against the Bills. If you would like your questions answered in future, remember to read BGA each week and leave your question in the comments section.

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BGA Wrap-up: Dolphins at Jets

It’s never fun to lose to the Dolphins, especially when you probably should have had the game sewn up. While there were some encouraging signs from this game, that’s scant consolation and the nature of the loss will ensure it probably just goes down as further evidence of how messed up this team is right now.

The dominant first half display up-front, even with Miami actively trying to stop the run, makes you wonder how much better the Jets might have fared in some of their other games this year if they made more of a concerted effort to establish the running game at all costs. Of course, this would then need to be coupled with a quarterbacking performance that exploited the opportunities this opened up, but it’s understandable why they didn’t take that approach at this stage in the season. Maybe that was just never going to happen anyway with Brian Winters in the line-up.

Defensively, the secondary continues to be a mess even though most of the issues in coverage seem to be blown assignments rather than the same players getting beaten over and over through some technical or athletic deficiency. At the same time, the defensive line clearly wasn’t the same without Muhammad Wilkerson, but they deserve credit because they still did pretty well.

The Jets now face two non-divisional games against the Vikings and Titans before closing the season out with two more games against their most fierce rivals. On paper, these look like two pretty dull and meaningless matchups, but I’m sure the Jets will find some way to make it interesting.

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BGA: Do the tanky leg

This was another miserable special teams performance by the Jets, highlighted by Nick Folk’s two missed field goals. Yes, one should clearly have been a running into the kicker (if not, roughing the kicker) penalty and yes, the conditions were obviously bad. However, Folk – who just barely made one of his two successful field goals – continues the pattern of seeing his numbers slide down the stretch every year.

Folk has missed four of his last 11 kicks after starting off the year 13-of-13. This continues a trend of him being lights out early in the season but less reliable down the stretch. When those misses include blocked kicks and plays that could have been a defensive penalty, it’s easy to forgive this, but it has still happened to him every year since he got here. There hasn’t been a more consistently clear-cut Jets trend since the Thomas Jones wearing down at the end of the season trend while he was here.

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