GEICO SportsNite: Ryan not tied to Sanchez

Jets coach Rex Ryan says his job status does not depend on the play of Mark Sanchez.


to assume because the dallas o line is considered the strength of the team that martin is the reason is patently ridiculous and shows a lack of acumen about the game of football and an o line specifically.

any o line is made up of many individuals and no rookie will make the difference in its proficiency to the level some here claim just because they hate reese and want to make their case against him, and that argument is beyond weak.

its premature to determine whether beckham is a bust or if martin is an all pro based on so small a sample, my bet is even though martin is a fine fb player beckham will be seen in the long term as bpa available and not a reach, a reach is drafting for need and not bpa which in this case i believe reese did.