Interview: Jets Rookie Free Agent Nick Smith

Here’s a short interview TJB did with Jets’ Undrafted Free Agent Nick Smith, an Offensive Lineman from San Diego State. On his Pro Day, Smith (6-4 5/8, 314 pounds) Nick ran the 40-yard dash in 5.54, had a 34½-inch vertical jump, 9-foot-5 long jump, 4.98 short shuttle, 8.37 three-cone drill and 28 reps in the 225 pound bench press.

Thanks to Nick for taking the time, and we wish him the best!

TheJetsBlog: I found you via checking referrals (from my site) to a message board about the computer game World of Warcraft, so exactly how badass is your WoW character then?

Nick Smith: Yeah… I stopped playing when the expansion came out because I just couldn’t keep up. Last summer though, I was like that guy in the Southpark Episode. I could kill anyone over and over again untill they quit. It was awesome. That was pretty much all I did, eat, workout and play WoW.

TJB: Explain briefly, your process since the season ended to now, signing a contract with the Jets.

NS: I played in an all star game called “Texas Vs. the Nation” and did really well there. Then I spent the next few months preparing for pro-day. I pulled my hamstring running my forty which was no good, but it is healed up now. I am excited to get into mini camp.

TJB: What contact have you had the Jets staff so far … what are they like?

NS: I have had several brief phone calls. It is hard to get a read on people in that situation. I have heard some stories about [Jets TE/Assistant OL] Coach Devlin from my O-line coach here at SDSU. They played together for the Cardinals.

TJB: The Aztecs struggled this season under a new head coach, what did you learn from that?

NS: The Aztecs are lucky to have Coach Long. There will always be an adjustment period when a new coach comes in, but Coach Long is making the right changes for our team. He is a great coach and a great leader.

TJB: Some Jets fans might not have gotten a chance to see you play in college, what can you tell fans about yourself?

NS: I am very aggressive. I play with a lot of passion and intensity. People at SDSU called me “Nick the Prick” or “White Rage.”

TJB: If a coach said, “OK Nick, how/where can I use you best?” How would you answer?

NS: I can play any position on the O-line. I am very comfortable at left guard and center, but I played left tackle this year also. I am not afraid of failure either, if they ask me to play corner back you better believe I’m gonna get out there and try to get some interceptions.

TJB: Do you study other players? Is there a player that you have tried to model yourself after?

NS: I don’t really study other players. I am a product of coaching more than anything.

TJB: You played against a new Jet teammate this past season, LB Mark Zalewski of Wisconsin. What can you tell us about his game?

NS: We did not move the ball much against Wisconsin so he must be really good.

TJB: What’s the best part about playing OL? Toughest part?

NS: The best part is when you dump someone out hard. When they know that you just took them for a ride that they had no control over. I love that feeling. The worst part is that you never know when football is going to be over. You have to take it for all it’s worth.



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