Right decision, wrong reaction on Rex’s trip to Clemson

A lot has been made of Jets head coach Rex Ryan flying to South Carolina on Saturday. With questions swirling around the Jets head coach and the shrinking degree of power on this roster, Kristian Dyer took a hard stance on Ryan’s trip for CBS NY to see his son’s first college football game as a walk-on at Clemson.

At no point did his decision to fly to South Carolina cost the team a chance to make any roster moves or sign any players, especially with the preponderance of Jets moves made the evening before. But somehow, it is easier to pick on Ryan for the timing of this move, especially in light of his decision two weeks ago in the third preseason game – a choice that directly led to Mark Sanchez’s recent shoulder injury.

Rex Ryan knew that his decision to go to Clemson would get picked up by the media. He knew that it would be painted as a decision that showed he was out of the loop or simply didn’t care about the moves at the bottom of the Jets roster. He knew he would take heat for it and be criticized and questioned and second guessed. He knew a firestorm was coming.

And yet, he still chose family over football for one night.

And he chose right.

Brian Bassett, TheJetsBlog.com

While it might give some insight, I still think Ryan made the right call.

The tabs are going to use this as another excuse to beat the Jets head coach around the neck and head for months each and every time the team takes some misstep. Oh! If only Rex Ryan had been there for cutdown day, they would have NEVER cut Zach Rogers who is now on pace for 2000 all purpose yards with the Patriots! Rex Ryan gets paid a ton of money to do his job, and with that money comes sacrifice. Even so, there is such a thing as a work-life balance, even for an NFL head coach.

As a father of two young ones (and a third on the way the day after the Jets first matchup with the Pats), if I had to work during one my children’s milestone moments, I would grind as much as possible to get my work done ahead of time to make the event. Most bosses are not heartless robots and have family and personal lives also and so would understand the need to attend such events.

Even if he was required for some important matter, this is not 1973. Between smart phones, messaging and the Jets use of the HUDL system they could have had Ryan make informed decisions on new developments if they were required. While the dying newspaper business wants you to believe it is still 1973 when they mattered more, it’s in fact 2013 and Ryan could get the alert that his help was needed, watch practice or preseason film from his phone and then help lend his informed opinions on any player or players in question.

If anything, the newspapers missed the REAL story. Can’t we assume that Ryan was just getting in some advanced scouting in for the 2014 Draft on Clemson QB Tajh Boyd???