Throw in the Towel?

Always caustic, it looks like Jason Whitlock is at it again on Fox Sports, writing that Roger Goodell should cancel the Jets season.

Cancel the Jets because they’re a disgrace, a blight on the good name of the NFL, the worst thing to happen to America’s pastime since the Worldwide Leader aired 11 dramatic episodes of “Playmakers.”

Brian Bassett,

For Jets fans, it’s a pretty rough read.  But as far as whether or not my “outrage meter” is in the red … meh.  I read Whitlock regularly and its just in his nature to blast stuff.  So when I read this, I’m not really shocked, dismayed or offended.  Whitlock is nothing if not sarcastic, and while I might not share in the joke, in some ways he has a point.  Conventional logic points to the notion that the Jets are now going to bomb the rest of the season, and that they might do it in style with a juicy quarterback controversy to boot.

Of course, that’s why they play the games.  I’m not comparing this team to the Packers that won the Super Bowl a few years ago, but they had so many injuries over the course of that season their injured reserve list was incredibly stacked.  Could the Jets find a way to rally?  We’re going to find out tonight if they’ve got any fight left in them ..