A Quick Look At the Last Jets-Colts Game

The guys at 18to88.com noted the first six drives by both teams the last time the Jets and Colts played in Week 16 … we thought it was worth re-posting.

Colts Offense vs Jets Defense:
Drive 1: 2 first downs, 25 yards, punt
Drive 2: 2 first downs, 54 yards, TD
Drive 3: 3 first downs, 86 yards, FG
Drive 4: 2 first downs, 30 yards, punt
Drive 6: 2 first downs, 20 yards, punt
Drive 7: 4 first downs, 81 yards, TD

3 and outs: 0
Scoring drives: 3/7

Jets Offense vs. Colts Defense
Drive 1: 0 first downs, 6 yards, punt
Drive 2: 3 first downs, 33 yards, punt
Drive 3: 0 first downs, 5 yards, punt
Drive 4: 4 first downs, 63 yards, FG
Drive 5: 2 first downs, 34 yards, punt

3 and outs: 2
Scoring drives: 1/5

I am no fool, the Jets absolutely benefitted from the Colts pulling their starters in that game. What I would say, is that the Jets were down just five points when Caldwell removed Manning from the game. The Colts are a team that averaged 26 points per game on the season, so to hold them to just 15 points in more than two quarters, is an impressive showing by the Jets defense in my opionion.

I do think that the way the Ravens lost last week — getting down two scores by the half — is exactly what the Jets can’t do and still win. The Jets proved it last week against the Chargers, and they’ll need to do it again this week. The way that Baltimore and the Jets are currently constructed are pretty similar, so while Ray Rice is a great runner, the Jets runners are going to have to grind on that defensive line until they give way. They might not get the breakaway yards that they’re used to getting in the past two games, but I firmly believe the Jets can grind and play defense against this Colts team.