BGA: Bassett Gets Quasi-Analytical

Sorry about how late this is! Better late than never, I suppose!

Time to get half-assedly analytical …

AKA…Drew — Where was Eric Smith. Did he play?

Smith did play in sub packages, but the gameplan seemed to call for him less than others, the team went with base personnel a lot, and Smith seemed to split whatever time the backup safeties did see with James Ihedigbo. I think it had more to do with the team using corners in sub package. Smith was on the field during the Coles fumble and was resposible for the coverage on the out& up route, for instance.

Crazy Eddie — These might be tough to put together, but what went wrong with the run defense and the special teams coverage units? Two big things to fix for next week.

Run Defense — I think a lot of it came down to bad tackling, but I think that Cedric Benson has a large part to do with that too. Benson is a load to try and take down, and uses his low center of gravity very well. There were a number of plays, like the Bryan Thomas roll, and the Calvin Pace backside wrap and slide that ended up in the gain of large chunks of yards and helped continue drives. Those were just two plays, but there were a number of plays where the Bengals got extra yards on the bad tackling.

Special Teams – There were some coverage breakdowns. Like on the first kick of game, it was a short/low kick which led to more blockers getting set up way early and thus making their blocks. There were more blockers than tacklers, and the Jets players bunched, and no one could shed their blocks, Kenwin Cummings most notably missed his assignment and the returner zipped right through the hole that his missed assignment he created. Remember that Cummings up over the injured Ryan Fowler.

AKA…Drew — Also….Can the “Jets dont know how to draft theory” now be put to bed? I mean if Saturday night wasnt a 2006 – current ……….drafted player coming out party. I dont know what was!!

It’s a great point, with the exception of Vernon Gholston of course, but every team struggles to hit on every player contributing from the first snap of their career, Gholston is just the latest example. Brick and Mangold were as always solid. Revis’ spectacular play and interception only cemented his status as an elite corner, David Harris was limited, but his play over the course of the season cannot be understated, while Keller killed the Bengals on a few very long plays and Lowery played the slot capably (with the exception of the Coles’ TD).

Mark — Can you take a look at the interference calls against Revis? I thought that they were generally bad calls, but I could be wrong. It should be something to look considering the fact that Vincent Jackson will likely be going deep a lot this Sunday.

I wasn’t able to go through all of them, but there were some legit beefs, like the Chad Ochocinco would have been TD call, but the illegal contact calls I’ll take. Having said that, the Caldwell play was a blatant offensive pass interference call. Caldwell was well past five yards, and he SHOVED Revis to the ground … I don’t know how that was called against him … that call was total garbage.

heckynaw — What happened on that play where Ryan called timeout early in the game. There seemed to be miscommunication and Sanchez gathered the players and told them to look at his eyes as if to say, stay focused.

I think you are exactly right, and this was talked about some during the course of the week.

He has shown a similarly gruff belief in Sanchez, even when the rookie threw spates of interceptions, and failed to read the opposing defenses. At one point against the Bengals, a play was late reaching the huddle, Ryan called time out. Sanchez, believing Ryan called the timeout because he didn’t trust him, came to the sideline furious. He had read the defense correctly and believed the play would have worked.

“I know the coverage,” he told Ryan hotly.

“It’s about time,” Ryan said.

Watching the NFLN Replay version, there are some soundbites of Sanchez during the game, and dude was FIRED UP. He didn’t sound like a rookie, he was giving the coaches the business telling them about calls he saw (he told Schotty after the Keller TD that he had been seeing that “all day.”

BaltimoreJets — Why was Greene so much more effective than TJ? Was he just hitting the holes harder or were simply more holes for him than there were for TJ?

Two big things I think. First off, he was much more effective in eluding or pushing through initial contact. With reads

James in NY — Please analyze the number of times we hit, hurried, etc. carson palmer. or some kind of count on the number of times the pass rush affected palmer’s passes.. I barely saw any pass rush against cincy. we’ll need to get to rivers a lot quicker and make him get rid of the ball before he wants to.
also please analyze our LBs in zone pass coverage (particularly up the middle). our LBs will need to be on point to stop Gates

I didn’t get to do this, but I would say that the Jets got decent pressure, doing the things that they’ve been doing all season. I think that as you point out there will be some serious about the ways that the Jets get pressure and how it matches up against this team. I think that if the Jets can provide basic pass pressure,

WOJF — Did Edwards take his eyes off the ball on the big drop?

Edwards was up against a corner with no help over the top, and with a step on the corner by about the seven yard line before getting into the end zone. There was no contact and Edwards looks at the ball in the whole way, and I think you’re supposed to look the ball into your hands, but there was a very slight, last second “yip” he makes with his head. His head motion from ball to hands was sudden, and I think that the non-fluidity there, is something connected with what happened in his brain, and maybe why he dropped the ball? Hard to say.

Latinlawyer –On the long Benson run, why did it work?
During the first quarter the Bengals had great blocking, Jets showed a three man front and Douglas and Thomas were both manhandled out of the way. Douglas lost the battle right at the line on that one play and David Harris was held during the play. The player had his hands wrapped onto the back of Harris’s jersey, but that’s common at this point, I think Harris was less able than normal to get off the block because of his ankle sprain.