Breaking: Jason Taylor Agrees to Become a Jet

Whether you have been dreading it or anxiously waiting for it, Jason Taylor has finally come to a decision. After Adam Greenbaum got a tip from his buddy at ESPN, Adam Schefter officially confirmed that Jason Taylor will be wearing Green and White.

Update (contract details via Schefter): Jason Taylor’s deal is two years, $13 million. But the real number is one year up to $3.75 million. Taylor is a Jet.

Filed to ESPN: Jason Taylor has agreed to become a New York Jet.

There has been a lot of mixed reactions to Taylor coming on board while some believe he can help the pass rush others point out his negative outbursts against Jets fans. Although he has drawn the situation out way longer than it should have been dragged, hopefully he will be able to come in and help with the pass rush while leaving the diva persona in Miami where it belongs so there can be a peaceful coexistence in New York.