Breaking: Santonio Holmes Traded to the Jets


According to multiple sources online tonight, the Jets have traded for troubled Pittsburgh Steeler WR Santonio Holmes (5-11, 192) to the Jets for their fifth rounder, pick number 151 overall, in this month’s 2010 NFL Draft.

Holmes was a first rounder (25th pick) in 2006 for the Steelers and had his best season in the pros in 2009 with 79 receptions, 1,248 yards and 5 TDs.

He’s been something of a thorn in the Steelers side for some of his off-the-field (thrown glass at a woman, marijuana possession, dropped domestic violence) antics, but from what we gather, he’s a good teammate, and is still getting better at the game, most recently used by the Steelers as a competent slot/burner receiver. A guy like that is a guy that the Jets could use well in their current offense, moving around quite a bit – valuable when you consider that the team already has Jerricho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards.

For a fifth rounder this is a steal. I have to imagine that the Jets are throwing back some compensatory pick in 2011 back to the Steelers depending on Holmes play or contract status. Holmes has issues (we’ll get more into that tomorrow) but the Steelers are clearly sick of his act, and as far as we know at the present time, went bargain basement shopping.

Jenkins, Sheppard, Cromartie, Edwards … the Jets are making hay in terms of adding talent to their roster at minimal cost due to player’s status with current teams. Too many teams value draft picks too highly in our estimation, and the Jets have found a way to get better off other teams.

More analysis here on this right here on TJB tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: There have been rumors that Leon was part of this deal. While possible, Leon would have had to sign his tender to become part of the trade. Signing his tender might have raised some flags from the league office already, and of course would mean that Leon would be agreeing to the less than $2.0 million tender. It’s possible he’s part of it, but we’ll have to wait and see what the new day brings.

Cheers to our man Corey Griffin who tipped us off to this bit of news.