Buzz: How Interested Are the Jets in Adalius Thomas?


Brace yourself. It seems that I got Rex’s relationship with Adalius Thomas wrong. Over a month ago, I noted that I thought Rex didn’t appreciate some of Thomas’s statements about the Ravens once we he went to New England. Looks like I was wrong …. shocker, right? :) Anyway, Cimini reports on Ryan’s love for the former LB.

Citing the tampering rules, Ryan refused to take questions on Raiders CB Nnamdi Asoughma and Patriots LB Adalius Thomas, a former Raven. There’s been a lot of Nnamdi-to-the-Jets buzz, and there’s speculation that Thomas, an old Ryan favorite from Baltimore, will be released. If that happens, the Jets will be on him in a New York minute. Ryan loves Thomas, who also is close with Bart Scott. If they were to sign Thomas, you have to wonder how that would impact Bryan Thomas, who is due to make $3 million in salary.

Albert Breer of the Boston Globe was at the same presser, and added these “other side of the fence” thoughts on AD.

… when asked to comment on a possible reunion with Patriots linebacker Adalius Thomas, widely assumed to be the outs in New England … [Ryan] … did offer the value of having some of his ex-Ravens in New York.

“That’s big, I think any coach that gets a job would want to bring in people he’s familiar with, because these are guys that the rest of the team is going to look at,” Ryan said. “You better make sure your’re bringing in the right guys from a work ethic standpoint. … Their teammates are going to be watching them. So that something where we definitely had the right guys.”

Time will tell if Ryan thinks Thomas is one of those guys, as we believe the coach does.

The Jets are looking for anyone to help boost their pass-rush. That was supposed to be Vernon Gholston’s job by now, but we all know how that experiment is going.

Tackling the Bryan Thomas issue first. I like BT’s versatility in coverage and think it’s an asset for this Jets team. That said, BT is not much of a pass-rusher, and we can finally conclude that 2006 and his 8.5 sacks was an anomaly, maybe because Mangini catered his scheme to the OLB in his first year. Three million doesn’t seem like a lot for a guy under contract in a year where the Jets are limited in terms of what moves they can and can’t make. Unless there are larger concerns, it seems needless to cut him even if they bring in Adalius Thomas.

AD wasn’t as productive in New England as he was in Baltimore for whatever reasons. In his last three years in Baltimore, Thomas gathered 28 sacks versus his 14.5 in his last three years. As far as I can tell, there’s three factors at play in this. In Baltimore, the scheme (1) catered to his abilities, there was also some dude (2) named Terrell Suggs who played opposite him and (3) he was still playing for a big contract. The bottom line is that I think the Patriots squandered their use of Adalius Thomas (AD) in their read and react defense, but he also wasn’t the right type of player for their overall organization as he started getting less playing time in 2009 and popping off at the mouth in the process.

With that, of those three mitigating issues, the Jets can really only address two components should he come to New York in 2010. The Jets don’t have a Suggs player, but could structure a contract to incent him to focus, and have the scheme that might work. If Ryan knows how to motivate Adalius Thomas, then go get him. What I will say is that at his age, don’t expect him to rack up 15 sacks for the Jets in 2010. He would be a Parcells-esque “hold the fort” guy for the Jets.