Calvin Pace Clearly Not Fond of Wildcat

Last night, after the Jets got bested time and again by Chad Henne and the Wildcat, here’s what Calvin Pace, fresh off his four game suspension, had to say about the Dolphins.

Calvin Pace on Henne: “Against a second-year clown quarterback, we didn’t affect him enough. I guess you have to give him credit. The defense lost the game today.”

Calvin Pace on the Wildcat: “I can’t respect that stuff, all that Wildcat. We’re in the N.F.L. Don’t come here with that nonsense.”

Don’t come here? Pace is in their house, and it worked almost every time … so why is he calling his opponent’s QB a “clown” and big-timing a scheme that just embarrassed him?

I like Pace a lot, but that’s just being childish.

If I was a Miami player, I’d tell him “check out the nametag, you’re in my world now, grandma.”


Oh dear.