Contract Details Coming Out On Revis

We’ve spent the day on the beach in Maine (one last gasp before football!) so we’re still catching back up.  Here’s some details on the Revis contract. It’s a four-year, $46 million contract, with a number of twists and turns.  Here’s the details compiled from sources we’ll link up later

2010: $7.5MM base, no signing/roster/option bonuses
2011: $18MM option bonus (1st day of league year), $7.0MM base
2012: $7.5MM base
2013: $6.0MM base

Some notes:

  • That second year could choke a python.  Egads!  Obviously that number skews the deal, but Revis sees a nice sum, the team gets to scramble a little to make next year work, and both sides are happy … at least for two years.
  • Cynically speaking The third year (2012) of the deal is maybe where we could see another contract impasse as the numbers start to drop off. 
  • The option bonus is an interesting move, in that while the team will shell out a small fortune, they can still pro-rate it over the remaining years of the deal should a cap be in place and most rules intact in any new CBA.
  • The $32 million in guarantees isn’t full guarantees, which was assumed to be one of the breaking points of the deal.  Apparently about $26.5 million is split equally in two types of guarantees: one for injury and one for skill.
  • There is a franchise/transition tag clause that prohibits Revis from being tagged.
  • There is a holdout clause that basically penalizes Revis if he tries to hold out any time before 2013