Danny Woodhead Injured, Uncertain Timetable

I know many a Jet fan is interested in D-II leading rusher Danny Woodhead’s progress during camp, but Jane McManus wrote yesterday that he had to be carried off the field due to an injury by a trainer and Thomas Jones.  Whatever it was, Mangini spoke frankly about Woodhead’s situation today, which isn’t a good sign.

“Nothing certain, but I’d say it’s not looking good for him to be back anytime soon.”

Woodhead is a tough kid, but I posed to a few people at camp whether they gave him an over or under of 7 days at camp, but no one took me up on it.  It’s likely he’s doing his best to get back out there, but with an 80 man roster instead of the 85 man roster with the NFL Europe players (an issue for many coaches this summer) he’s pretty vulnerable at this point.  If the Jets want to keep him, they’ll figure out a way, but the hard realities are that he might not be able to stay with the team for long.