Follow Up on Cutler's Situation

Peter King wrote this morning on and then spoke to Dan Patrick and shed some light (audio) on the subject, noting that “Jay Cutler has wanted to be traded since Shanahan [OC] Jeremy Bates … left town … [Cutler has] wanted a fresh start … and it’s going to be hard for [Josh McDaniels] to build a franchise with a quarterback who is gonna mope, so my guess is that once the Broncos wring their hands a little bit they’re going to take the best offer for Jay Cutler.”

Patrick then notes that there were rumors that as soon as Bates took the job at USC, that Cutler demanded a trade (allegedly) at that point. So who really started this staredown?

Not that it is much of a surprise to many, but Bus Cook, a man who has had some issues with his QBs of late (Favre, McNair) is now entering the crosshairs, and Mike Florio of PFT believes him to the be the one who’s fomented this whole thing.

We’re now convinced that Cook is the primary instigator of Cutler’s discontent – and also the primary impediment to a meaningful coach-player meeting that could resolve the situation and keep Cutler around … Indeed, a league source tells us that Cook’s idea for solving the current impasse was – what else? – a fat new contract for Cutler. If the Broncos aren’t willing to give Cutler a new deal, then Cook and Cutler want to be traded.

… Cook has been at the center of too many unnecessary controversies, and he has failed to use his tremendous influence over his clients to persuade them to find a way to make things work. Instead, Cook has thrived of late on destroying existing relationships, for no apparent strategic reason other than to get his name in the paper.

I’m not implying that this removes culpability from Cutler’. It doesn’t and his agent is supposed to work for him, not the other way around. So, either he’s allowing his agent to ruin his and his team’s reputation for no good reason, or he’s complicit and just looking to milk his team for another jaw-dropping contract. But for Cutler to play the innocent while jockeying for a new contract is pathetic hypocritical.