PLEASE READ: Larry Grantham Needs Your Help


Stickying this post to the top … if you haven’t read this, please read.  If you haven’t donated, please give!

It’s not often we ask the readers here at TJB to do much but this is one of those times when every dollar counts and can help a worthy former Jet great, Larry Grantham who has done tireless work for others and is now battling cancer and is in serious need.

The former star linebacker for the Jets has been a Super Bowl champion, but also went through the same dark chapter of alcoholism many of them have before emerging to two-plus decades of sobriety (and counting).

During the dozens of trips Grantham has made to the Freedom House over the past decade, engaging in deep talks on the back porch and helping to raise more than a million dollars, he has always let the tenants hold his Super Bowl III ring as proof of the confidence and trust he has in them.

But now, Grantham is at risk of forever losing that ring — unless, in the ultimate measure of reciprocal generosity, Freedom House can raise enough money to prevent that from happening.

“Larry has never stopped giving to us,” said Fred Reihl, the CEO of the Freedom House Foundation. “We just can’t let it go by that this man would have to sacrifice something that means so much to him in his life.”

Daunting medical bills from chemotherapy treatments for his throat cancer and recent hernia surgery forced Grantham put his ring up for bid on an online auction site last week. Freedom House associate director David Harry discovered last Friday night that he had done so after putting Grantham’s name into a Google search.

TJB is pledging $100 and we need your help. It sounds cliche, but if I’ve learned one thing from fundraising, it’s that EVERY BIT HELPS.

One dollar, five … whatever. Give what you can. It’s going to matter in the end. You can go to the organization’s website to find out more, but since the auction ends tomorrow, you need to move quickly.

I spoke to David Harry at Freedom House who is helping out with this and the best way to help them is to get them a check, but they can take credit cards too. The best thing is to contact Mr. Harry directly for further instructions since I think they’re rounding up money and might not be able to accept it all through their non-profit.

Phone: 908-537-7500 x203 (CORRECT #)
Phone: 908-537-6043