Outsider’s View: The New York Jets

I know some of you are fond of Football Outsiders, (as am I) so once the season gets underway and trends start developing, looking at an opponent’s the Jets rankings on Football Outsiders helps to give fans some perspective.

(As a heads up, negative percentages are good on defense, bad on offense & specials)

Pass Offense: 30.7% (8th)
Rush Offense: 12.0% (4th)
O-Line Ranking: Run 1st / Pass 15th

Analysis: Starting with the line, the Jets are playing better this season than they did over the course of last year.  Now granted, there’s a lot of season left to play, but believe it or not, the line is tracking better so far.  More proof that Faneca was an anchor on this team over the long haul?  Part of the protection improvement has to do with Sanchez’s better understanding his protections, but while he’s acquitting himself well, there’s still room for Matt Slauson to improve and Damien Woody is having a tougher time with edge rushers than he has in the past two years.

Even without a suffocating defense like last year, the improved play of this offense is the clear answer to why this team is winning more consistently.  With Braylon Edwards focused and with a full year in the offense, along with the additions that LaDainian and Santonio have meant … it’s jelled quickly for Mark Sanchez in his second year and his consistent play has translated to wins.  Still, this offense will come down to Sanchez making smart decisions, unlike he did in much of the Denver game. 

Pass Defense: 12.9% (21st)
Rush Defense: -31.5% (3rd)
D-Line Ranking: Run 4th / Pass 15th

Analysis: Even without Jenkins, the Jets have been excellent against the run.  The Jets have to be anxiously waiting for their secondary to come around.  They’ve upgraded the unit since last year, but there’s been regression at the start of the season. 

Obviously, some of it has to do with Revis’s hamstring injury, along with with the steep learning curve of Kyle Wilson.  The Jets are trying to sort out these issues in their secondary.  Cromartie is showing his worth, but he’s not a cookie cutter for this defense the way that KC Joyner seems to think he could be.  The Jets are going to have to get Revis fully healthy to quickly make improvements to this unit.  What will be most interesting is to see who draws what assignments when Revis is healthy and with Cromartie playing so well against tall deep threat types. 

Special Teams: 3.8% (6th)
Analysis: The Jets are strong in all areas of special teams except one … can you guess it?  Need a hint?  NIck Folk is worse than Mike Nugent at _______..