PSA: The Noblest of Causes – Get Bent on Twitter

If I have only one goal for 2012, it’s to get Bent to join the Twittersphere.

Why? ┬áBecause of course if he did, then everyone can all call him draconian and despotic not only in the comments section of this blog, but right in front of 100 million active users of the world’s most popular social networking / microblog service!

In all seriousness, I know many of you LOVE his writing (as do I) and many readers have asked me about this for a long time, so while I know he’s dragged his feet for years on this, I think his time has come to ring in the New Year (he’s obviously technologically still in 2008) and get on Twitter already!

If you think Bent should join Twitter, please tell him so in the comments!