Revis Carefully Sets the Trap, Everyone Knows White Boys Can't Refuse Cabo San Lucas


Looks like Nick Mangold might have gotten his comeuppance yesterday for his “Lemon-Ade” trick a few weeks ago, although the comeuppance came with a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Sounds like Revis had one of those countless tropical wiffelball tournaments he ALWAYS does and he wanted to bring his boy along.

Sitting in the airport waiting on the flight 2 Cabo and I’m a little miffed that @Revis24 is doing First Take. I sure hope this isn’t a joke

Because we are supposed to be heading to Cabo together for a wiffleball tourney. RT @ESPN_FirstTake: Why the miffiness?

I’m on the plane and no sign of @Revis24. Me thinks I’ve been had. Well either way atleast I get a sweet vacation that wil be on his dime!

When @Revis24 said it was the same people that set up his pingpong tourney in Hawaii, I should I’ve been alittle bit more cautious….

Hell hath no fury like a Mangold scorned. Thank goodness I didn’t put a credit card down! Thanks for the vaca tho! @DUSTINKELLER81 @revis24