Seven Up With Arrowhead Addict

Our friend Adam Best over at Arrowhead Addict asked us to answer some of his questions about the Jets and he was nice enough to reciprocate.  AA is one of the best Chiefs blog out there, hands down, so if you want the inside scoop on the Chiefs, Adam and his crew are the guys to get it for you.

1) It’s been a tough season, but are you seeing the building blocks that you want from the coach to justify keeping Herm Edwards in place?

Arrowhead Addict: Um, no. As I’ve said before, I’ll pack his bags, buy his family’s plane tickets and stand there holding the “for sale” sign in his front yard if that’s what it takes to get rid of him. If it weren’t for Norv Turner, he’d probably be the worst coach in the league.

2) Larry Johnson has always had a chip on his shoulder.  Is the guy turning a corner or was his apology typical boilerplate agent fare?
Arrowhead Addict: Honestly, I haven’t decided yet. I’ve always been a huge L.J. guy, but this time around I’m being more cautious. Look, he said all the right things in his contrite apology (well, except apologizing to women in general, which would have been nice), but only time will tell if he follows that up with actually doing all the right things.

3) How did most Chiefs fans react to the Jared Allen situation last spring?

Arrowhead Addict: I think most fans were upset. Still, I think most of us realize that spending that kind of coin on one player despite all our other holes would have been a ginormous waste of money. He was immensely popular among followers of the Red and Gold, but I think we all understand now why it had to be done.

4) The Jets own pick, Vernon Gholston has had a tough time of finding his place on the field but Glenn Dorsey was the worst-case scenario for the Jets at #6 during the draft because of his ability to fit into the 3-4.  How has Dorsey progressed so far for the Chiefs?  How much time does he need to be a real force in the pros?

Arrowhead Addict: Dorsey has played OK, but his impact hasn’t shown up in the box score. I think we’ll be able to truly evaluate what kind of player he can be at the midpoint of next season, so it’s about a year early to know what we have. It takes defensive tackles a while, and his footwork and conditioning definitely need some work.

5) Exactly how tremendous is Dwayne Bowe?

Arrowhead Addict: I mean, he calls himself The Show and nobody argues. He calls himself Mr. Awesome and nobody argues. Seriously, he’s one of the top 20 receivers in the game despite playing with a joke of a quarterback carousel. He reminds me of guys like Hines, Housh and Quan. I expect him to do Hawaii in February annually once we get a legit QB.

6) Who is your team’s under the radar guy that Jets fans might not know about today, but will after the game?

Arrowhead Addict: I think it could be WR Mark Bradley, who once was a second-round pick of the Chicago Bears before injuries plagued his tenure there and he was released. Everybody is making glowing remarks about the kid. Another guy is defensive end Turk McBride. The second-year player has a great motor and often makes plays when other defenders have given up.

7) Sunday prediction?

Arrowhead Addict: As Clubber Lang said in Rocky III, “pain.” For us. 37-10, only because I don’t have the heart to predict us getting shut out.