Sophomore Watch: Greg McElroy

Drafted: Seventh Round(208th Overall)
Position: Quarterback 
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 222 pounds

2011 stats: N/A, placed on injured reserve on 9/4/2011. 

2011 Season Review: McElroy spent all of the regular season on injured reserve, but that didn’t prevent him from making some headlines. He played quite a bit in the preseason and showed some promise, solidifying a third string spot on the roster before a dislocated thumb against the Eagles in the preseason ended his year. But it was off the field where he made the biggest headlines. His January radio appearance on a local station in Birmingham piled on to concerns about the Jets locker room, where he cited the selfish nature of certain individuals and questioned how much some players cared about the team’s results. There were some who felt he could have been made an example of and released, but all has been seemingly forgiven after McElroy tried to clear the air and indeed he is the type of football loving, high character player the locker room should have present when trying to rebuild a strong locker room.

2012 Outlook: At one point in the offseason McElroy looked as if he could be competing to back up Mark Sanchez but Tim Tebow’s addition will certainly make Greg McElroy a long shot to see any playing time this season. Locked in as the third string quarterback, he’ll likely play more than either Sanchez or Tebow in the preseason but it’ll take nothing short of a disaster for McElroy to feature for any prolonged period in the regular season. In terms of McElroy’s development however, it’s not the worst situation as it’s another season to sit comfortably on the bench and get accustomed to the speed of the NFL. Nonetheless a successful season for McElroy will be just showing progress and command of the offense in preseason action.