Tony Richardson Returns Today?

Just a day after being released, is Tony Richardson already about to return to the Jets? Multiple sources are reporting that TRich could be back as soon as today and the Revis deal could be a key reason as to why he was released in the first place.

With the team adding three new players (Turner, etc.) via the waiver claim process the team had a tough temporary decision to make.

While Revis was away from the team, he didn’t count against the team’s total roster spots. With a deal imminent on Saturday, it’s plausible that the team elected to cut a player that they could trust and who would trust them in coming back .. and it HAD to be a player with enough seniority (four seasons) that wouldn’t be subjected to the waiver wire process.

Who knows if this will play out, but it’s a possible scenario … stay tuned.

Cap tip to aNYthing for the heads up.