Final Score: Jets 13 – Titans 38

NFL: New York Jets at Tennessee TitansThe Least You Should Know…

The game got off to a rocky start for the Jets, when on the second play of the game Geno Smith threw an interception to Alterraun Verner that set up a score by the Titans.  The turnovers continued from Smith, who on a second quarter scramble had the ball knocked loose which set up the Titans short second touchdown drive of the day and then threw another one to a contested Santonio Holmes.  Verner also recovered a Smith fumble.  On the day as a whole, the rookie committed four turnovers, of which the Titans converted for a touchdown each time.

Penalties were again a major factor in the game, as the Jets committed 10 for 66 yards on the day, many of which came in the first half.

Titans QB Jake Locker played well until he was injured and left the game in the third quarter going 18/24 with 149 yards and three touchdowns before he suffered a injury to his right hip when Wilkerson collided with him on a pass play.

Former Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick took on the duties in replacement of Locker, and he put up 108 yards and went 3/8 with one TD and no interceptions or turnovers.

Brian Bassett,

Turnovers were the story of the day, with Geno committing four to put the Jets in a hole from which they couldn’t dig out. Every turnover turned into a touchdown, spotting the Titans (who still have yet to commit a turnover through four games) 28 points on the day. It was a deficit that was insurmountable by the rookie quarterback of the Jets. The last turnover was, in our opinion, the worst of the bunch, in which Geno tried to pass the ball behind his back to himself to avoid the strip sack from the defender. Geno has to clean up the turnovers for this team to be competitive in each game.

It’s hard to pin much on the Jets defense given the situations that Geno Smith put them in all day. It wasn’t a perfect day for the group, but the questions this week should not revolve around that group regardless of the final score.

Jake Locker didn’t get to play the whole game, but he did a good job on short fields with a short passing game working against the Jets defense. Locker looked efficient, put the ball where it needed to be and moved the ball well for the team. Locker was rushed to the hospital and his status for the Titans is uncertain. While he might not have been able to finish the game, Locker did what was required to get his team out ahead and the Jets never really challenged the Titans after the first half.

A lot of questions will start to be raised about Geno this week, we could see them getting raised on Twitter during the course of the game. The name Matt Simms came up a lot, just as it did around the half on the broadcast. It seems extremely premature to discuss options for the Jets at this point. The Jets are four games into the season, they are 2-2 at the quarter mark and while they have a tough schedule ahead, there’s winnable games between now and the bye. Geno had a bad day and it should be left at that, at least for now. Starting a second round quarterback who was widely agreed to be raw but with serious upside, would bring days like this. Geno had managed to avoid them thus far into the regular season, but today’s was the first game in which they really cost his team even having a shot at a win. We know there’s a spark there, now it comes down to how the rookie can respond over the next quarter of the season, starting next Monday night in Atlanta.

Ryan and Smith discuss loss to Titans

The Jets get an extra day before heading to Atlanta for a Monday Night Football game Falcons on Monday October 7th at 8:40PM ET.