Final Score: Jets 34 – Titans 13


Drink it in, folks. The Jets just beat, nay *handled* the league’s only undefeated team left by a margin of 21 points. So far, the Titans have just allowed one team to score more than 20 points, the Jets busted that number wide open today to a stunned crowd in Tennessee.

The Jets contained the Titans running game to just 45 yards and ran for over 170 yards on the Titans. Pretender no more, this team will be billed for the rest of the season as a contender.

The Oakland game was the watershed that I hoped it would be, and the Jets have won every game (ugly or not) since then. Most notably the Bills … then the Patriots … now the Titans.

With the Patriots just a game behind, the AFC East is far from over, but the Jets are setting themselves up for a run. They’re getting hot at the right time, now lets see how the last five weeks of the season go.