Final Score: Patriots 49 – Jets 12

That game was a total disaster.  What is there to say that needs to be said?

There were fans dressed up in turkey outfits and pilgrim hats in the stands who looked less bizarre than the Jets players did.  Jets fans, take the weekend off because the Jets players and coaches sure as hell did.

That was an utter embarrassment, at home, on Thanksgiving night against the Patriots.  Nice way to ruin Thanksgiving, Woody Johnson.

The Rundown

Way too many turnovers.  The Jets turned the ball over five times, which makes winning impossible against a team like that.  The Jets must have had turkey grease on their hands.

Mark Sanchez had YET ANOTHER interception while the Jets were knocking on the door for their first score when they were still in the game.  Sanchez’s Brandon Moore butt fumble was inexcusable and came right at the time the Jets needed Sanchez to do less and let their running backs do more.

No one was immune to this suckitude.  The offense put the Jets in a hole with early turnovers and unable to score in must-have situations.  Mark Sanchez can’t take advantage of a bad secondary and Sparano likes to run at Vince Wilfork, which is a MISTAKE.  Joe McKnight coughed up a ball on a play he might have tried to do too much on a special teams kick returner.  The defense was wholly unable to hang with Brady and even his running game and couldn’t stop anything in any meaningful way.

The Jets gave up 35 points in the second quarter which was almost an NFL record.  The Jets let up  three touchdowns in 52 seconds.  It was a joke.

Heads will roll.  I don’t know who and I don’t think it will happen between now and next week … but heads will roll for this game.


#1. RB A. Foster is Very Limited,

will NOT Play....

#2. Can JPP match His BEST GAME in 2 Years ???

#3. Will Special Teams " Do There JOB " !!!??!!!

#4. Can the O-Line keep ELI SAFE ??? NOPE !!!

and it's NOT an EXECUTION Problem !!!


#5. Will WR C. Washington get Playing TIME ??!!!??

WR C. Washington is WASTING AWAY on the Bench,

his TIME is NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#6. Can the D get Off the Field, on 3rd Down ??!!!??

GIANTS will lose the TURN-OVER battle & the GAME....

0-3 !!!!!