Harrison & Rhodes Exchange 140 Character Jousts

There was a bit of a kerfuffel on Twitter this evening between Rodney Harrison and Kerry Rhodes. Now Although Adam Schefter seemingly got involved, he made a fair point, Rodney wouldn’t have said anything if Kerry hadn’t made statements to the Daily News in the first place. I’ve made the tweets a little more legible.

Harrison: Kerry Rhodes is not really a tough guy, I saw him pass on plenty of tackles… I want to see what kind of game he brings Sunday. Kerry, you talk big for someone who has yet to even win in the playoffs you think you will ever accomplish what I accomplished?

Rhodes: I’m detecting a little jealousy from [Rodney Harrison] he must wish he was playing [Sunday]. My talent outweighs his ask Belichick. Are you playing sunday? I respect your game but you crossed line. And I never talk smack you started it. I know you respect my game! Tweet it! You being someone who played the game knows the media runs it .. I said we are gonna try to embarrass them! .. you should respect that.

Harrison: And even though I respect your game, you do have flaws and I have seen you pass on tackles and not always been physical. I definitely respect your game on the field Kerry, but I didn’t appropriate what you said about the Patriots it’s disrespectful. The talk about Brady’s knees and promising to hit him more than 6 times is what hit a nerve. Did you ever come back from a surgery like that? no wonder you have no idea what kind of impact your words have for certain players who went through rehab.

Rhodes: See and that’s my point I never ever said anything about hitting his knees! (laughing) Are you serious you know I don’t play that way! Ok everyone that was fun but now Ihave to go back to studying for this weekends game! I’m [going to] let my Twitter family handle the rest!

Rhodes also rib Harrison (although not directly) that his “passing on tackles” was more just a factor of his not wanting to jump on piles late .. a clear reference to Rodney’s reputatuon as a cheapshot artist.

Going back to the genesis, the article in the Daily News a few days ago made the point that Kerry and the Jets were not looking to cheapshot, but that he thought it would be natural for someone like Brady to have to think about his health.

On whether they’re going to cheapshot the Patriots …

“No, we won’t play dirty. We are going to play hard to the whistle.”

On Brady’s thought process about his legs …

“I’m sure if somebody is around his leg, or he feels pressure below, he’s not going to step into his throw.”

Harrison’s faced more than one serious knee rehab during his career, and that might be part of his rage. Although Rhodes never said the word “knee” it’s clear what he meant. Still it’s understood what was meant. It’s too late to be splitting hairs, we’ll let you all do that for us. :P