Jets Looking North

The Jets are going to be trying out a two Canadian Football League players over the next few days. One a defensive pass-rush specialist and another is a kicker.

DE Ricky Foley (6-2, 245 lbs) — Foley won an award for being the best Canadian player in the league, and had 12 sacks in 2009, in replacement of Cameron Wake, who was a great player for the BC Lions and went on to play with the Dolphins last year (and is much the source of J-Peezy’s current discontent). According to his agent, Foley will also visit the Pats and Rams. Foley seems a little small for the Jets scheme to be an outside pass rusher, so we’ll see how this progresses.

K Damon Duval — Duval has been working out for a number of NFL this week, including the Falcons yesterday and Cincinnati and Houston along with the Jets in coming days. Duval has impressive leg strength, and can punt the ball as well I believe, so could potentially save a roster spot, or allow the team a backup plan should the team’s other kicking specialist get injured. The Jets really like Jay Feely, but his performance in the Championship game has to force the team look around some and see who’s on the market. In this article Duval made the point that it comes down to the signing bonus he’ll receive from teams as it’s a truer measure of just how interested they are in him.