Neuroscientist to Goodell: “Stop with the … Avoidance”

Erin Sharoni, contributor to CNBC Sports Biz and Jim Rome on Showtime talked with neuroscientist and brain researcher Dr. Daniel Amen this week on Spreecast and the doctor had some strong words for Roger Goodell and the NFL.

It’s definitely worth a listen or at least a glance at the highlights on HHR.

“I would make the NFL a brain-healthy organization, I would own the problem. I heard [Commissioner Roger Goodell] say recently, ‘well, we really don’t know’ and he needs to stop that, because we really do know that this is a brain damaging sport. So, stop with the denial, or the avoidance, and start rehabilitating these players on an ongoing basis…”

“The other thing I do, and probably the lawsuits will force [the NFL] to do it, is go find all of the people who’ve played, all the people who’ve built the NFL, the retired players, and start getting them evaluated and rehabilitated. It’s the only fair thing to do.”

Brian Bassett,

The proof against the injuries that players suffer while playing football is getting more and more overwhelming.  One of the most interesting points to me was that since the damage often takes place in the frontal lobe, it might accelerate the loss of coordination and balance for players, thereby shortening their careers.  Dr. Amen has some good insight into the causes and potential treatments that are known at this point in time.  We understand that this sport is not for the faint of heart and we respect the players who play.  Still, we hope that players and teams are aware of the resources that might help them stay healthy longer.